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is anyone out there??


I'd like to make some icons, but I need inspiration. It's hard people! I don't have reasons to procrastinate anymore!

Here are some fandom ideas:

- true blood
- game of thrones
- harry potter
- lotr
- star wars
- curb/seinfeld
- daily show/colbert

mmmm...that's about it
disney - nala

ring in the new years

happy new years! to all.

new icons to be posted soon. and also, just for fun, for sheer thread of best of 2010 icons. so i know what you guys have liked this past year! and for inspiration for the year to come.

(p.s. it's a meme where you post what icons of mine you have liked! check it at, and check out everyone else's icons as well! please please please!!)

hp - the boy who lived

45 Icons

Icon dump! Well, sort of. Not really. Here are some icons that have been sitting around for a while, or are contests entries. In celebration of HARRY POTTER 7 coming out in FOUR DAYS, most of them are Harry Potter based.

{45} Total icons
{30} Harry Potter/Harry Potter Actors
{03} Lord of the Rings
{04} Lost
{06} Ellen Page
{02} True Blood

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star wars - makeup

30 Icons

{30} Total icons
{30} Avatar: the Last Airbender

New layout up! _tigicons is going through some changes aka I'm cleaning up house a bit, trying to be more simple and oraganized, and TRYING to expand my fandom posts. I have a multi-fandom post coming up soon. But once I get into something...I just can't stop! Look for more icons soon, particularly Harry Potter, Lost, and maybe some True Blood (my newest fandom!) icons next. But for now...some more Avatar: The Last Airbender icons!

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