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so I ran my first 5K today.
I went with a friend who was TOTALLY motivational!
we only stopped to walk 3 times and they weren't for very long
our time was
47min and some seconds.
wasn't the BEST time I've done but it was cold, and I wasn't on a treadmill....
I think we slowed down a lot because of me.
It was fun, that's what counts.
I'm going to try really hard to be able to do the 10K next year.

for running I got a free loaf coupon to Great Harvest...
it was totally worth it! :)
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it's me


gym today


14.40 miles
260 calories
150-170 heart rate

side note

i weighed myself...

NOT happy...

I'm up to 161 lbs

good thing I'm working on changing that. I think with working out during my work shift it will help with my motabolism at night, and maybe help me not think about eating all night long, or at least help me change my eating habits
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Checking in

Just a note to say "Hi!" and see how everyone is coming on their fitness goals.  I keep blaming it on the stress of finals, but I have not wanted to exercise lately!  Ugh!  Today I got my butt moving though and ran on the treadmill!  Woot woot! 
it's me

Yeah for Monday!!!

Yeah... yesterday somehow got me motivated to workout again... so this morning I got up early and ran for a mile!! Yeah... I feel good!!! I hope I keep this up! I always say that I will but I never do... If I can do this 5 days a week I will be satisfied! next week is spring break so I am going to hit this hard.
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WOOHOO - finally worked out!!

I finally got my butt into Curves yesterday. I only went around once, but it felt great! I even was weighed and measured. (which I hadn't done since March 05...) I have stayed pretty close to the same weight and measurements... which is good, but I plan to start losing!!

WE CAN DO IT!! WHO'S WITH ME?? We need to start filling up this journal with workouts!

Love y'all!