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want a good laugh? you`ve come to the right place! :D

:) sharing the fun (:
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somehow you`ve stumbled upon this community! yay! :)

_ticklish_ is a rating community. that`s right, only funny people get in.

so it`s basically about this: you tickle our funny bone and we`ll tickle yours!

sounds like fun? by all means, go on reading..

general info

* yes, this is a community based on humour. however, discriminative or in any other way offensive humor is not tolerated.

* sarcasm and irony are allowed up to a certain point - as long as it`s all in fun.

* this community is for funny stuff. basically anything - stories, pics, sites, sounds, cartoons - you name it, we love it! :)

* the funny entries are most likely to be protected - only members being able to update or post comments.

interested in applying? sorry, but you have to read these rules first.. :/

* as i said, this is a rating community. the members are going to vote, and give reasons for their choice. so if you can`t stand a no, and the comments that go with that, please don`t think of applying.

* please don`t offend the mods or members in any way, and don`t comment on their entries until you are accepted. failure to do so will result in a warning.

* you have to join the community and apply within 48 hours.

* if you delete or modify your original application in any way because you are not satisfied with the votes, the entry will be deleted and you will be given a warning.

* 3 warnings result in a ban.

* when filling out the application, keep this in mind: it should be long enough to entertain us, but short enough to keep us interested.

* you will not be judged on your looks. however, we want you to include a photo at the end of your application, just so we know who we`re talking to. but please post a nice photo, which means: you`re smiling/laughing, preferably looking at the camera; you`re NOT sad or serious and NOT making any weird faces.

* use an lj-cut for your application - and preferably all your entries, if you are a member.

* put "knock-knock" as a subject and "who`s there?" as the lj-cut text. that`s just because we want to make sure you`ve read the rules.

* if you are a member, we expect you to be active. that means that (unless you`ve got a personal problem) you should vote at least twice a week and post a funny entry at least once a week.

* promoting other communities is accepted.

* if you are rejected, feel free to apply again in a week. you can apply a maximum of 3 times. and please don`t use multiple user names, because you will be banned.

* if you are accepted, have lots of fun! and don`t forget to vote and promote! :)

and here`s the application

1. basics:

- name:

- age:

- location:

- shoe size:

2. favourites

- who`s your favourite comedian & why?

- what cartoon do you like best & why? (if you don`t watch cartoons, you better have a damn good reason for it!!)

- what song makes you laugh & why?

- what`s your favourite joke?

3. getting to know you better

- tell us a funny story that`s happened to you or someone you know (you get bonus points if it`s embarassing, and you`re probably accepted already if it`s kinky! ;> )

- make up a joke on the spot. (please don`t paste from the internet, we check. bonus points are awarded for effort and originality)

- tell us a funny/unusual fact (from your general knowledge). about anything/anyone.

- link us to a site that`ll make us laugh. (it can be a pic, a cartoon, a sound, a game, whatever, as long as it doesn`t take more than 5 mins to check it out)

- post a pic of yourself, but make sure you`ve read the rules before you do.

- and one last thing.. we`re trying to get this community running, so please promote us to another one before applying, and link us. we`ll check.


these are the members:




and, of course, your lovely mods:
andreivajnaii and _ily_