Andie (i_hate_andie) wrote in _ticklemy_fancy,

do i tickle your fancy?



age: 15.5
location: San Diego California
sexual preference: I like guys
aim: murder my andie

The adicts, The Casualties, UK subs, chaos UK, Lower class brats, buzzcocks, blanks 77, career soldiers, endless struggle, cockney rejects, a global threat, the oppressed, oi! polloi, Exploited, The aquabats, Subhumans, vice squad, 4-skins, clit 45, circle jerks, total chaos, cheap sex, Sex Pistols, Ramones, and more
food: Anything Mexican, and I am a whore for chicken strips
movies: A clockwork orange, Peter Pan (the new one), Harry Potter, and Dirty Dancing 2 (I know I know, but Diego luna is hot!!)
The lovely bones, The torn skirt
actors/ actresses: Diego Luna, I really dont know at the moment
show/ concert: I have never been to one
guitarist: Jack from the casualties
bassist: Stefan from lowerdefinition - he goes to my school
drummer: Todd garisson (he goes to my church)
vocals: Monkey from the adicts

least favorite
Good Charlotte, simple plan, and all thoes wannabe "punk rawk" shit bands. I hate hillary duff and espessually Avril Lavigne and ashlee simpson
food: German food, and Fish
movies: the cat in the hat
books: Romeo and Juliet and all the books we read at school
actors/ actresses: Hillary Duff and Ashlee Simpson

views on
george bush: He's a retard
john kerry: Too old, he looks like hes going to drop dead any min
abortion: Ok, If someone raped a girl and she got preg, she should have the right to not have it, but I think having it and giving it up for adoption is 100% better then killing it
gay marriage: Good. They should be treated the same as everyone else and not get rejected for liking members of the same sex
drugs/ alchohol/ smoking: Ok. I have not problem with them as long as they know what they are doing and dont do something they will regret
suicide: I think it shouldnt have to happen. If your depressed or suicidal, get councling or meds
vegetarians: Funny. Its nice to see people who care for animals
ashlee simpson:
OMFG!! I wish she would die and go to hell because she is worthless to the world. she cant sing, she cant act, she talks like a damn guy and she wines woo much. i hate her!
sam and erika [the mods]: They are cute<33

Thats all the hair shots I have.


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