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name: Abbey
age: 15
location: Little 'ol Grand Haven Michigan
single?: Yes
sexual preference: Boys
aim: abbeym007


bands: Oh boy, Green day, switchfoot, jars of clay, steven curtis chapman, matthew west, casting crowns, goo goo dolls, third day, third eye blind, spin doctors, ashlee simpson, jet, maroon 5, gavin degraw, john mayer, kenny loggins, stray cats, hootie and the blowfish, thrice, skillet, relient k, five iron frenzy...MUCH MORE.
food: mashed potatoes, pizza, caesar salad, junkfood
movies: moulin rouge, harry potter (just bc i love the books), zoolander, GAH i can't think right now
books: Harry potter, Mary Higgens Clark "he sees you when your sleeping", the last book in the universe, holes, tuck everlasting, romeo and juliet
actors/ actresses: I love Ewan McGregor, Big Fish was great and Moulin Rouge. And I also adore Nicole Kidman.
show/ concert: I saw Tobymac in concert, along with Third Day and Jeff deyo, that was AMAZING!
guitarist: My friend Eric Lanoue. Oh, and Jeremy Camp.
bassist: Yellowcard
drummer: my friend Ross, i know these are supposed to be famous people...but they will be someday.
vocals: Jeff deyo

least favorite.

bands: any rap
food: anything cherry flavored
movies: the disney movie "pixel perfect"
books: hatchet and something like on the other side of the hill? haha mountain? i dont even know.
actors/ actresses: Hilary duff, EXCEPT in Cinderella Story

views on.

george bush: I'm not a very political person, but i believe some of his views on war are not very good
john kerry: same thing im not very political, i hoep he wins though, just because i'd like to see some change
abortion: I believe that unless the child is going to die, or the mother will get killed because of it, then there is ALWAYS another way
gay marriage: even though in the bible it is a sin, i believe do what makes you happy
drugs/ alchohol/ smoking: definently a negative. i dont know why anyone would do that if they just regret it in the years to come, i belive its ruining your life
suicide: horribly sad, there should be ways to prevent it
vegetarians: eat what you want, i love meat
ashlee simpson: I LOVE HER CLOTHES. And her hair, and her sheos and everything. And her music. But im not a huge fan of her. Just bc she seems kind of high mantinenace. i dont know.
sam and erika [the mods]: Great hair, and I've seen Sam on other communities and seems super nice. Ahh, i just said super.


(Before when I had blonde hair)

So you can't see the style much, but that's a good pic of the color

Sorry its not totally crazy or anything, just whispy bangs (inspired by Ashlee) Choppy layers, sometimes wavy dark brown hair.



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