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hey I am new to this community....


Favorite Thursday Song//war all the time

Why you like Thursday//I love thursday they are one of my favorite bands! I love all of their songs and they are just a really good band all in all.
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Name// Allison.

Favorite Thursday Song// Hm, Concealer. & A Hole In The World.

Why you like Thursday// Thursday is one of my favorites, because their lyrics somehow associate to how I've felt at one point or another. They also seem to be very selfless, and i love how some of the songs have double meanings that relate to politics and other such things. [i was ecstatic to buy the thursday shirt from Shirts For A Cure and the In Honor tribute with Mass as Shadows on it. ] =) <3

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Favorite Thursday Song//Jet Black New Year

Why you like Thursday// Thursday is one of the most unique sounding bands. There lyrics assoicated to what i'm going through most of the time. Their also not afraid to be different and stand out

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Favorite Thursday Song//Standing on the edge of summer

Why you like Thursday//Because their lyrics are amazing and mean alot to me, aswell as the fact that the band loves their fans which is really important.

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This is xxjack...you can delete it off the community friends list..i was gonna make the journal for a friend then decided to use it and THEN decided I just wanted to make my own. lol..
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Name// Kris

Favorite Thursday Song// I am the killer

Why you like Thursday// Their sound is one of the most original ever. They mix melodics with hardcore in a way that no other band can duplicate. In other words, they are unique.
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Welcome to _thursdayx This community was obviously made for Thursday fans. You can post anything you'd like in here just make sure it's Thursday related. If you post any graphics and pictures then put them all under an LJ cut. Other than that have fun. If you have any problems contact the mod.

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