December 12th, 2005


(no subject)

Name// Fish

Favorite Thursday Song// Jet Black New Year, At This velocity, the Acoustic version of This Side Of Brightness, and Ny Batteri (even though its a cover)

Why you like Thursday// Ive been listening to them since the release of Waiting, and in love with them since Full Collapse. Ive seen them three times, all on Warped Tour, and have a Thursday Tattoo on my wrist. Theyve not only created wonderful music but i can say theyve helped me through some rough times. The music is more then lyrics to me, its a message and a reminder that were never alone.

For those who really love Thursday, i have the five demos. IM me and prove to me that you have a dedication, and i might give em to you. Im really serious though when i say "prove yourself." the last tihng i want is someone to spread the demos around and force them onto the mainstream.