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Name//  Miss Ashley

Favorite Thursday Song(s)//
This Side of Brightness,
Standing On the Edge of Summer,
Asleep in the Chapel
For The Workforce, Drowning
Steps Ascending
We Will Overcome
 At This Velocity
Running From the Rain....

Why you like Thursday//

the music is an obvious one, but not only that its the writing that geoff and the
whole band does...i mean geoff is a freckin genius, i would worship the ground he walks on,
but besides that they stay true to who they are also which makes me respect them even more.

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    hmmm maybe Thursday??? lol

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Name// Fish

Favorite Thursday Song// Jet Black New Year, At This velocity, the Acoustic version of This Side Of Brightness, and Ny Batteri (even though its a cover)

Why you like Thursday// Ive been listening to them since the release of Waiting, and in love with them since Full Collapse. Ive seen them three times, all on Warped Tour, and have a Thursday Tattoo on my wrist. Theyve not only created wonderful music but i can say theyve helped me through some rough times. The music is more then lyrics to me, its a message and a reminder that were never alone.

For those who really love Thursday, i have the five demos. IM me and prove to me that you have a dedication, and i might give em to you. Im really serious though when i say "prove yourself." the last tihng i want is someone to spread the demos around and force them onto the mainstream.

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Name// Jeremy Patrick O'Brien
Fav Song// Currently Autobiography Of A Nation
Why I Like Thursday// They are amazing.

I've only seen them once when they came through Cincy with FATA a few years back, hope to see them again though.

P.S. Add me <3


Hello everyone. I'm doing an English report on the career of a musician. Notes on this are due on April 26th. I need to write a two page paper on this topic. I'd like to know if any of you have links to any information on an singers/bands and any basic information on the following that a musician may need to succeed:

+ Education/training needed.
+ Salary.
+ Hours.
+ Duties.
+ Typical day.
+ Stress level.
+ Opportunities for advancement.
+ Future of the career.

So, basically I need links to any interviews/articles of any rockstars/rock groups/bands AKA. musicians or just general links that would discuss any of that.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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Mini Application?

Name// Breayne

Favorite Thursday Song// Dying In New Brunswich, Ian Curtis, Standing On The Edge Of Summer &War All The Time

Why you like Thursday// Thursday has been my favorite band for going on 4 years now. I've seen them live five times &loved it everytime. They have this amazing energy when on stage that just radiates throughout the crowd. All the boys are amazing but mostly Geoff who helps other amazing bands (i.e. Murder By Death) and even some crappy bands (i.e. My Chemical Romance)get record deals. He seems like such a nice, down to earth guy as well. The second time I saw them I talked with him and he gave me a hug when I told him they did good. Which to me, shows he cares about his fans. My musical interests have changed immensly over the past 4 years and Thursday is one of the few bands that have remained a constant favoirite.

I'm not sure if this community is still active or not, I was just bored and looking to make new friends with people who have similar interests as myself.
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Name// Lysha MAE

Favorite Thursday Song//"paris in flames" or"undertsnading in a car crash"

Why you like Thursday// Just listen to them the voice and the way the music mixes perfect with the voice and lyrics.. can you give me a reason not to like them after listening to at least 2 songs
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    understanding ina car crash- thursday