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Hey, we have another idea to throw at you. We're planning on making a bunch of awards to give out every month, so we need help thinking of the categories.

Some ideas we've had:

Most Perverse.
If you don't have a perverted mind, you won't get the picture.

Best Scenery.
Most beautiful surroundings.

Most Adorable.
Cute animals, kids, old people hugging, etc.

The "lol" award.
Ones that make you laugh out loud.

WTF?! Picture.
Pictures that make you wonder why some people even exist.

Most Memorable.
The picture that sticks out in your mind the most.

Right place at the right time picture.
The one that makes you glad you had your camera.

The Through My Eyes Award.
The one that shows the most personality of the photographer.

If you know a better way to word these or some other ideas, go ahead and comment.

Let's have a heart to heart

Hello All!

I'm here to ask for your help. Katelin and I both have realized that we've begun to let this community slip through the cracks (our fault, not yours) and we're here to pick things up a little bit. We're working hard as of now to fix things. We're working on the info page, a new layout, a large selection of icons that we're going to have you guys vote on, and some monthly awards for pictures. We hope to have everything up within the next week or so.

Now, here's what we're asking you for. We need people to promote. I know most of you hate promotions as much as I do, but's the only way people stop in. There are codes for banners on the info page. If you could please put one on your personal journals...and some on any other communities you are apart of, we'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!

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I haven't posted pictures in awhile, and I feel really guilty, haha. I'm hoping to try and post some of my moms Europe pictures, sometime. but in the meantime.. I don't believe I posted these yet. One night I couldn't sleep so at 5:30am, I decided to get up, and go for a walk and take pics. So here we go!


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Hope you enjoyed them :) commentate! :=D

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