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Community Update

Ah! I totally forgot to switch up the themes of the month. Why didn't anybody remind me?? In any case, it's that time again to pick what pairings we'll be focusing on for the rest of October and some of November. From your suggestions, I'll pick ones that either haven't been done yet or put them in categories that they weren't previously in.

That being said, post away!

Community Update

Hello everyone!

Things have been a little quiet in the community lately. Has the interest in threesome relationships waned? Or has everyone's attention been divided up by all the new communities springing up out there? I noticed that there are lots of journals RPs cropping up, and then Nanimo has started their yearly contest, and of course we can't ignore the effect of school. How many of you are in the middle of exams??

Make a post and let me know how you're doing! In addition to that, if you are in any KH/FF RPs then let us know if you have spotted hints of threesome relationships in the in the interaction. I think that not only is it under-represented in general fiction and art, but not too many people want to really explore it in roleplaying. So tell us about your experiences in RP!

Also, our monthly themes are going to end in 4 days, and then it'll be time to change it up. I really thought you guys would be interested in Cloud x Leon x Sephiroth, but nobody really posted in that discussion thread! So I guess it's safe to say that although the pairing has potential, in essence it falls flat when it comes to interest. Hopefully the next pairing will have better luck.

On a side note: we are 7 members away from having contests. So close, yet so far away.

So what are you waiting for? Post and tell us about your RP experiences!

New Affiliate & Archiving

Hello everyone! I hope you're still enjoying your vacations or that school is coming to a good start.

We got our first affiliate. keybladerating has offered to link back to us. Apparently it's a community where you post up information about yourself, and they pick which Kingdom Hearts character you are most like. They even give you an icon! Isn't that cute?

Also, I'm going to create a kind of archive in the userinfo page of the community for all the fiction, pictures, drabble, etc. that everyone writes for us. Already, fathoms_deep has contributed a wonderful fiction for us. Our first Riku x Sora x Tidus! Go read it if you haven't yet. Also, a little birdie told me that someone was working on a special picture, we'll see if it gets finished.

Later on today, a post will be made for giving this community a little direction. I didn't get too many suggestions or questions, which I guess means you guys are just as stumped as I am. No worries! I think I figured out a way to make everything work.

Finally, when this community reaches around 30 members, I would like to start holding contests. So if you can think of any way to advertise, or would like to advertise for us, please do! We can use all the help we can get around here. Other than that, have a great day. :)