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Community Question!

Hello everyone!

September 4th is coing up, which means it's close to the time when the topics are going to be changed up. I am pleased with the amount of activity we've had in the community lately, but I bet that like me, you have found yourselves starting school and a little short on time. It's fine if things get a little slow because of that, sometimes that just can't be helped.

However, I would love to provide you guys with a place where when you need to relax from school, you can just stop by the community. SO! Here's my question: What pairings would you like to see in the new lineup? Don't be shy and let us know! I wish I could do a contest, but we're still 12 people away from the target membership of 30. I would like that many people here first so that the voting can be fair.

In any case, feel free to post what pairings you want to see in the future. :)