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New Affiliations & Thanks

Three is Company is proud to announce new affiliations with the following communities:


A community for Kingdom hearts icons, fanart, AMVs, wallpapers, headers/banners, even music that reminds you of Kingdom Hearts characters, scenes or pairings. A very unique community! I recommend clicking on this post to find a lovely Sora x Riku x Kairi wallpaper.


This community holds weekly icon contests for all things Kingdom Hearts. Lyrical icon contests to be exact. Come to think of it, no one has made any love triangle icons for this community yet. Probably because its hard to fit three people into a tiny 100 x 100 pixel space.


A community that's all about the girls of Kingdom Hearts. Female pairings only! I thought this would be an interesting affiliate since I haven't seen too many all female love triangles mentioned here. We need more diversity!


This is a fanwork community that lets you claim a character or pairing and a theme. Then you must write or draw 13 fanworks based on what you claimed and the themeset. Sounds cool huh? They might even let you claim a threesome pairing if you ask nicely!

Aside from our new affiliations, I'd also like to thank everyone for participating in the Riku x Kairi x Sora discussion. I was impressed by the level of thought everyone put into the subject and the respect that you all showed for one another. I couldn't be happier with the members of the community, and you all deserve recognition for that. :)