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Drabble Meme Idea

Drabbles have gotten me in the mood for something more and lo and behold, look what I have stumbled across. 

Please anonymously post a request or prompt for a dirty, filthy kinkfic. It can be your kink or a random kink you want to see. The prompt can be general or specific. Let's see some shit straight out of /d/. Anon post a prompt and anon post a response. The response can be a full fic, or it can be four sentences. You can respond with the baddest badfic ever made, but it'll be anonymous; I'll be deleting any obvious flames and trolling if I see them. Use this as an exercise to play with muses or poke at your writing skills.

Now, I love kink and smut just as much as the next person might, but I think that it would actually be more fun if this was opened up to everything. I’m talking from G-NC17, all pairings/prompts, anything.  So, I suppose this is a challenge to you guys here: Comment to the request page with your request of any kind and if you see one that you find that you are able to write, find the corresponding page if it’s gen!fic and then rating, and write!  I’d love for people to be able to do something like, request one and write one, because it’s no fun if there’s a bunch of requests and no one writing. The nice thing about this, is that no one knows that it’s you! If you’re not too sure of yourself yet, but still want to try writing, this is perfect because you can get yourself out there without you know…putting yourself out there. :) 

So, for those who are like, tl;dr:

1              Write up a request: must include Pairing and Prompt. Then, post it into the
                REQUEST PAGE ONLY.  This is to keep things neat, lol.

2              If you see one that you think you can fulfill/would like to, find the appropriate place for it [under the gen/ship parts] and write till your heart is content.  Can be any length!

3              Is there already one for this prompt, but you really, really have a good idea? Write it anyway! This is to encourage creativity here and have fun!

4              Try to leave a link back or tell what you’re fulfilling when you write, so people aren’t confused as to where you got the idea.

5              Leave feedback! Seriously, authors love this and it keeps them going!

6              Try to fulfill more than one if you can. :D Feel free to do as many as you like!

7              Anon is cool like whoa.

8 +          Have fun!!

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So uh, this isn't really me taking requests, though I will be doing those that I can. :D  Please, try if you're interested! [also xposted everyyyywhere. please pimp if you like; I'd love to get this to be huge.] 
-Note, also, mods, if this is not allowed, hit me with a large, pointy stick and tell me to delete/feel free to delete this. :)
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Fics: RikuSoraKairi

Title: Sets of Threes
Rating: T

Pairings, if any: RikuKairi + SoraKairi and hinted RikuSoraKairi
Summary: She does it because she loves them.
Word Count: 1672
Warnings: None, really. 
 Post KH2
:  Written in one day, kind of short, but I like it well enough.  Thanks to Marliau for betaing! [[Prequel to Music Box.]]  There’s actually a little symbolism in this, like in MB, haha.  I love fics that deal with numbers and such. :)

(Riku went still before her, his entire body taunt with worry and when her hands slid over his rain-damp shoulders and around his neck, he sighed against her lips and kissed her back)

Title: Music Box
Rating:  PG-13/T
Pairings, if any: Riku/Sora/Kairi, though not in that order
Summary: The King’s seal usually meant one thing and he didn’t want anything to do with it. Against his will he found his hand reaching out and taking the bottle from his friend, opening it and sliding fingers under the dry wax.
Word Count:  7507
Warnings: Angst.  Het. Yaoi. OT3. Spoilers, kindofsortofbutnotreally for KH2.  And angst.
Post KH2
A/N:  This got such a surprisingly amazing response on ff.net and it still makes me all giddy when I go there, haha.  This remains to be one of my favorite fics that I've written, so I hope you guys enjoy it too.  

Thanks to my beta, who is eloquent and amazing, and hope you guys enjoy. 

(“What’s it say?” Kairi asked, her voice still breathy as she leaned on his shoulder to see the letter.  Still silent, Riku did the same on Sora’s other side, their eyes all scanning over the careful, flowing script.  “Oh no.”)

So, um, yes.  :)  Please, if you so happen to read, let me know what you think?


[Also crossposted to KHhet]] [And don't forget to check out the Lesser Known Fic Rec List if you haven't. :)]
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Lesser-Known Fic Rec List for Kingdom Hearts

I'm hoping that this is allowed, but if not, feel free to poke me with sharp objects and delete this.

Lesser-Known Fic Recommendation List [For Kingdom Hearts]

Okay, so, this is probably (hopefully!) going to be pretty big.  The main idea of this was brought to life after some conversations with friends in the fandom about how some fics are absolutely mind-blowing with how good they are, but the majority of the fandom hasn’t seemed to notice them yet.  This is to basically pimp them out and get them out so people have new fics to read, and so the authors get the recognition that they deserve. 

Now, to clarify what “lesser-known” means: I’m not talking about Uzumaki-sama’s wonderful fics.  She’s been around in the fandom for a long time and is pretty much a common name like “cookies”- everyone likes them and knows what they are.  There really isn’t a limit, per se, on how many reviews that a “lesser-known” can have, but please try to use your best judgment.  If you see an one-shot with only 5 reviews and you like it, pimp it out! If you see a seven chapter fic with only 20 reviews, pimp it out!  This fandom is big enough where wonderful fics can get lost in-between the cracks, so let’s fix it. (This goes both ways, if you see a fic on here that you like, please review. It’s wonderful for the author.)

How do you fit into this? You pimp this stuff out to me and I’ll put it in this entry.  The format I would prefer that you would use would be just the generic stuff- Title, author, summary, rating, pairing, [please include if it’s het, gen, yaoi, yuri or etc]  and if it’s oneshot or more, but I understand if you’re in a hurry and can only post the link and “THIS IS AMAZING BYE WORK/SCHOOL NOW!”  So yeah, it’d be awesome to avoid that, but I understand all the same. Het, yaoi, yuri, gen are all welcome here, but they will be labeled so if you have a vaginaphobia and only read yaoi, or something similar then you won’t have to worry about it.

Lastly, I’d love for this to become a link-list to other fic-rec lists as well.  I know that there were a few floating around a while back, dedicated to a pairing or a certain genre, so if you would like to link me to those, I’ll stick those links at the end of the entry. 

I believe that’s it- if you can think of something that I’m forgetting, please let me know!  Recs go in the comments box, if you please and thank you! 

Direct link to where this is posted.

Crossposted everywhere I'm a part of (sorry if you see it twiceish), but if you know somewhere you'd like to post it too, please do! <3

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Fic [RikuSoraKairi] Adjusting [R]

Title: Adjusting
Rating: R
Pairings, if any: RikuSoraKairi My OT3 <3
Summary: Things weren’t perfect, they weren’t at all as they had planned but at the same time they were the best they’d ever been.
Word Count: 1005
Warnings: Mentions of sex between the three.
Post KH2, which means tiny potential for spoilers.
A/N: I had trouble figuring out how I wanted this to be written so I finally said screw it and posted it. Meh. C&C still loved <3  Also, don't let me write while listening to Vienna Teng. XD

(Fakecut to my writing LJ)

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Ghost Hands [Kairi/Selphie/Namine]

Title: Ghost Hands
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Kairi/Selphie/Namine
Warnings: Femmeslash.  Heart-cest.
Word Count: 1448
A/N: I like Selphie.  This is a revelation.  Basically, I wrote this after reading old KHFFR posts, a surprising number of which asking for this very threesome.  Who am I to deny them?

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New here and some stuff

So, I'm new here and would like to show some of my threesome AMV's I have made. 
First is and Olette\Roxas\Namine 
Song: "Teardrops on my Guitar" By Taylor swift
Pair: Roxas\Namine\Olette
Comment: The theme of this video is that Olette likes Roxas, but Roxas likes Namine -.-;; Drama Drama. But It's a sweet song and it reminded me of those three.


My second one:
Song: "I wanna be bad with you" By Willa Ford
Pair: Axel/Roxas/Demyx
Comment: This one is a less serious video and was more for the fun of it. The timing took forever though. I think in the end it paid off. And this is obviously Yaoi ^___^


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Fic: Music Box

Title: Music Box
Rating:  PG-13/T
Pairings, if any: Riku/Sora/Kairi, though not in that order
Summary: The King’s seal usually meant one thing and he didn’t want anything to do with it. Against his will he found his hand reaching out and taking the bottle from his friend, opening it and sliding fingers under the dry wax.
Word Count: too many 7507
Warnings: Angst.  Het. Yaoi. Spoilers, kindofsortofbutnotreally for KH2.  And angst.
Post KH2
A/N:  So uh, this is my baby right now. My favorite thing, as of this moment, though it’ll change like…tomorrow, probably.  I’m just happy that it turned out the way it did and that it didn’t take a year to write.  It was hard and it was easy at the same time, hah, but still. I’m really happy.

Also, in two parts, as LJ wasn't liking how long it was.

(Follow the yellow brick road fake cut~!)

Posted to other places, sorry if you see this twice. 

Also, I'm woeful that this is the only thing that's been posted in so long.  <3  Where are all the lovely threesomes we know are out there?