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New Community Challenge

Hello everyone! Now that September 4th has come and past, here are the new community challenges for the following month. As always, don't feel compelled to follow the challenges to a letter, this is just to act as a guide for those of us who need some inspiration. So if you have other projects in mind, feel free to post them! We are also 12 people away from having the capacity to hold contests, so keep your fingers crossed and let's hope that people notice us.

From the feedback from the community, I picked the following pairings for September:

Current Community Challenges
September 5th - October 9th


Sora x Cloud x Leon

I noticed that this pairing was a recent favorite among you guys, so I picked it for the fiction category.


Ansem x Sephiroth x Aerith

Some of you reaaaaaally wanted this pairing to work, so I though a drabble would be the best way to explore the pairing without have to resort to having to write a long story. Though if you still want to write it as a fiction, that's ok too!


Riku x Sora x Anti-Sora

I picked this pairing for pictures purely out of the pleasure principle. Are there any of you who really don't want to see something like this? There might even be art out there that already features this pairing. If so, link us! We'd love to look at it.


BHKx Selphie x Seifer

This pairing seemed to be made to outcrack someone else's pairing. So I thought, if it was funny in words, imagine how funny it would be in an icon! Who wants to make a BHK x Selphie x Seifer icon of crack?! Of course, it can be a serious icon too! If someone actually makes a funny icon with this pairing, I will so make it the community icon for a couple of days.


Leon x Cloud x Sephiroth

I saw a lot of potential for exploring this pairing in a discussion. Any one of you can start the thread yourselves, or you can wait for me to open up the discussion myself. Usually, I wait until a day when I know people are more likely to be around and things are kind of slow, like maybe mid-September on a weekend. But if you can't wait for me, any of you can go ahead and start posting.

And that's our line-up for September. Let the inspiration flow!
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