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Disney Academy - A Disney/Kingdom Hearts School Setting RP

Please let me know if this is not allowed and I'll delete it ^_^.

[Disney Academy]

premise / setting / faq / rules / taken / application / reserved / requested / dorm / classes / events / clubs / campus / off campus

The Disney Kingdom is a place of prosperity and peace. It is a place of order, in which both hero and villain, play out fairy tale journeys laid out carefully by Destiny herself...

That is, until the path begins to blur. A dark mist has fallen over the world, ghosting away both people and places like a thief. Where it comes from, no one knows. Where it appears, it leaves only chaos. It's reach is far, wide and terrifying. It waits there, at the End of the World, disrupting every attempt to understand it... and destroying all attempts to combat it. Neither hero nor villain is exempt from this phenomenon, not even you.

Even now, you begin to notice strange occurrences: Shadows following in your step where there were none before. People that aren't people, watching you from a distance. Things that aren't meant to be there but are in spite of it. What comes creeping from the mist are strangelings, formless beings that defy explanation or definition. The only chance for answers lies in an isolated piece of land hidden amongst the clouds. The letter in your hand is addressed personally to you from Mickey, headmaster of Disney Academy. He wants you to attend his Academy. It's a chance to set things right.

In times of uncertainty and unspoken fear, you just might have what it takes to clear the mist. Alongside other equally gifted youngsters and specially chosen individuals, you may very well be the last hope to vanquish the looming darkness threatening our world. To restore order. Restore our lives. And preserve our story.

disney_academy is a Disney AU RP where you get to play your favorite Disney / Kingdom Hearts characters and battle the threat of the Black Mist.

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