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Title: Mistaken Identity [1/2]
Rating: PG-13/T for this chapter, next chapter is R
Word Count: 5763
Summary: Riku hates Andalasia. And squirrels. And princes who think he's a girl, but dresses most of all.
Notes: Takes place after Music Box, no specific place in the timeline yet.
Thank you so much to </a></b></a>salve  for betaing this for me so very quickly.  I'm not sure when part two will be out, because I've got other projects going, but I'll try for soon-ish.

Also, part of the Music Box series. You should read that before this, most likely, if only to understand some of what's going on. It's not totally needed, but still helpful. The list of links in order:
Mermaids and Legends // Hero // Drawings // Best Left Forgotten // Not Quite Heartless // Down The Rabbit Hole // Erasing Memories // To An End // The Things He Would Never Say // Fairy Tale // Sets of Three // Music Box //

Mistaken Identity [link leads to where it's posted at my LJ.] Crossposted everywhere, lol.
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