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♥« fic; Catching Insanity (LeonSoraKairi)

«title: Catching Insanity [oneshot]
«Rating: NC-17

«Pairings, if any: past LeonSora, present SoraKairi + LeonSoraKairi later
Leon was pretty sure that their insanity was contagious.
«Word Count: 2782
«Warnings: Sex lol
«Post KH2
«A/N: For The Glass Slipper who is amazing and writes simply lovely fics, is always writing encouraging things that make me wibble, and for putting up with me on MSN.  She’s a saint, yo.  Also, omg, I’m so sorry for spamming my flist lately- I’ve just been writing a helluva lot. D: (Also love to </a></font></b></a>obtainswho is ♥ for betaing.)

("You two are insane.")

Crossposted, sorry.♥
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