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Drabble Meme Idea

Drabbles have gotten me in the mood for something more and lo and behold, look what I have stumbled across. 

Please anonymously post a request or prompt for a dirty, filthy kinkfic. It can be your kink or a random kink you want to see. The prompt can be general or specific. Let's see some shit straight out of /d/. Anon post a prompt and anon post a response. The response can be a full fic, or it can be four sentences. You can respond with the baddest badfic ever made, but it'll be anonymous; I'll be deleting any obvious flames and trolling if I see them. Use this as an exercise to play with muses or poke at your writing skills.

Now, I love kink and smut just as much as the next person might, but I think that it would actually be more fun if this was opened up to everything. I’m talking from G-NC17, all pairings/prompts, anything.  So, I suppose this is a challenge to you guys here: Comment to the request page with your request of any kind and if you see one that you find that you are able to write, find the corresponding page if it’s gen!fic and then rating, and write!  I’d love for people to be able to do something like, request one and write one, because it’s no fun if there’s a bunch of requests and no one writing. The nice thing about this, is that no one knows that it’s you! If you’re not too sure of yourself yet, but still want to try writing, this is perfect because you can get yourself out there without you know…putting yourself out there. :) 

So, for those who are like, tl;dr:

1              Write up a request: must include Pairing and Prompt. Then, post it into the
                REQUEST PAGE ONLY.  This is to keep things neat, lol.

2              If you see one that you think you can fulfill/would like to, find the appropriate place for it [under the gen/ship parts] and write till your heart is content.  Can be any length!

3              Is there already one for this prompt, but you really, really have a good idea? Write it anyway! This is to encourage creativity here and have fun!

4              Try to leave a link back or tell what you’re fulfilling when you write, so people aren’t confused as to where you got the idea.

5              Leave feedback! Seriously, authors love this and it keeps them going!

6              Try to fulfill more than one if you can. :D Feel free to do as many as you like!

7              Anon is cool like whoa.

8 +          Have fun!!

Front Page.


Requests go here.





M/R(NC-17+) [Note, if this is squick!fic, that’s awesome too, but could you please let people know? Just to play it safe. :)]


Ship!fic: [Yes, this includes yaoi, yuri, het, and more than two people together. Tread carefully if this offends you.]



M/R(NC-17+) [Same as above and could you also state if it’s yaoi/yuri/etc?]


Conversations about this go here.

So uh, this isn't really me taking requests, though I will be doing those that I can. :D  Please, try if you're interested! [also xposted everyyyywhere. please pimp if you like; I'd love to get this to be huge.] 
-Note, also, mods, if this is not allowed, hit me with a large, pointy stick and tell me to delete/feel free to delete this. :)
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