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Ghost Hands [Kairi/Selphie/Namine]

Title: Ghost Hands
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Kairi/Selphie/Namine
Warnings: Femmeslash.  Heart-cest.
Word Count: 1448
A/N: I like Selphie.  This is a revelation.  Basically, I wrote this after reading old KHFFR posts, a surprising number of which asking for this very threesome.  Who am I to deny them?

The first time Selphie felt the ghost pale hands of the Other, she nearly screamed, or would have had Kairi's mouth not made hers so deliriously busy.  They're gone as soon as she notices them, and she never mentions it to Kairi.  Really, she barely remembered them; Kairi's bunched up shirt and pushed up skirt more than enough distraction to make her forget.

The second time, it's not so easy.  By this time, they have progressed past making out, something Selphie is feeling very proud about thank you very much, and Kairi arches when she kisses her breast, sighing rapturously.  Selphie shudders when smooth hands run across her stomach, teasing soft, and gasps when Kairi's reach into her hair, pulling her up for a hard kiss.  Desperately, she tries to dismiss it.  Overtired from being on student council, or maybe just so horny she's not thinking straight.  That could be it.

But when the hands run over her breasts while Kairi's are far, far too busy between her thighs to be ignored?  Then she can deny the eerie fact no longer.  There's only one conclusion for a reasonable girl like Selphie to make.

She's being haunted by a lesbian ghost.

When she brings it up to Kairi, she looks stunned first, absolutely stunned.  Then she pauses for a moment, eyes drifting away as if thinking hard, and suddenly laughs.  Selphie furrows her brow, and is about to demand what's so funny, when the hands return.  They're so cool and gentle and familiar that for a moment she doesn't even register it's a problem, but when she finally realizes that three of the buttons on her shirt are undone with a fourth on the way, she lets out a gasp and jerks forward, falling accidentally against Kairi's chest.  Or so she'd claim if pressed.

For the briefest moment she catches a painfully beautiful girl, blonde and pale with eyes more blue than the sky - and then it's gone, just like that.  She looks up wide-eyed, and Kairi looks down smiling, and Selphie sees the face of the ghost, in the shadow of Kairi's.  Before she realizes it, she's kissing Kairi, softly, tenderly.  When the long embrace ends, Kairi's lips are at her ear, and she whispers a single word.  A name.


And all of a sudden there's a mouth on her other side, a voice so close but different, soft and cool and loving, oh so loving.  She whispers, too, more than a name.

I'm Namine.

Her blouse comes off with deliberate slowness, Namine's spectral fingers threading through the buttons.  Selphie is no longer scared, because she trusts Kairi with all her heart, and knows that there will be time for answers later, after.  She kisses Kairi again, and moans when Namine runs her small hands slowly up to cup her breasts, gently, almost fearfully.  But this time there is no jolt, no fear, and the touches are longer now, more confidant, making Selphie writhe, twitch, press herself to Namine's hands in need.

It's not until her shirt is pulled free and Namine is pressed firmly to her back that she realizes the girl is naked, cool skin and pert breasts soft against her, making her lean back in desire for more.  Kairi leans with her, shifting to straddle Selphie's waist, and Selphie's head begins to spin, dizzy from desire, dizzy from joy.  Despite Namine's subtly different features, and not-so-subtly different coloration, it's like having two of Kairi, something she could have only dreamed of in the past [and, not that she'd ever admit it, had].

Slowly she runs her hands up to tug at the zipper on the front of Kairi's dress, tugging it down slowly with no protests at all.  Kairi pulls herself slowly from the kiss and Selphie watches in awe as Kairi kisses herself but not herself over her shoulder, the way their lips line up to perfectly, delicate dance of tongues.  Instantly there's a raging fire in the pit of her stomach, and slowly gets thrown out the window, jerking down Kairi's zipper swiftly and pushing the odd pink garment back, off her tanned shoulders.

Tanned skin rubs against tanned skin rubs against pale, and Selphie finds herself stunned at the contrast when one of Namine's hands moves to slide up Kairi's toned arm, over her shoulder, up to cup her cheek tenderly.  The amount of love there is almost heartbreaking and when they turn, eyes both purple and blue burning with bold lust, Selphie knows that love is hers, too.  She kisses Namine first this time, Kairi busying herself with the tender spot just at the crook of Selphie's shoulder.

She finds herself pushed back, slowly, with hands on her breasts moving down, stroking her stomach and then tugging at the hem of her skirt.  She lifts her hips and it slips down and over her hips, thighs, ankles, lost to the mystery of Kairi's bedroom.  It strikes her suddenly that she's almost naked, underneath the pale goddess with gold silk hair that she has to run her fingers through.  Eyes half open, she watches Kairi kiss her almost twin on the neck, the shoulder, tongue tracing the ridges of her spine.  Namine starts tugging at her bra straps and Selphie arches herself again, enjoying the press of her belly against the ethereal girl, and then it's gone, too, slipped down her shoulders and away.  The ghost hands return to her breasts and now they're kneading slowly, pinching her nipples, dark and staunch for attention.

As Namine strips her finally of her panties, Selphie just ravages her mouth with reckless abandon, because she's Selphie, bold and wild Selphie, and this demure and delicate beauty of a thing isn't going to slip away from her now, no way in hell.  Her hands stroke Namine, now, running down her slender back and over the cool trail Kairi has left.  It's then, pulling free to bite gently on Namine's shoulder, bright red forming on china white, that she sees the deep red of Kairi's hair moving, bobbing, as her lips work in that place between Namine's thighs, the same place on Selphie where Namine's hands are going.  Selphie gasps, bites down harder when Namine pushes a still cool finger into her, and Selphie wonders if Namine ever gets warm, wonders if her come is cool like spring water.

Then there's no time for thinking.  Namine pushes her back, a hand between her breasts and then leaning down to kiss them, small pink tongue flicking and curling around the point of her nipple.  She gasps and jerks against Namine's hand, grinds down, eyes shut and fingers pulling tight on Namine's hair.  Namine coos softly against her skin, and maybe there's a story there, a story in how she didn't pull away from Selphie's clever teeth, but it's a story long ago and not important, nothing's important but her lips, and her fingers, and the ache that burns bright and brighter with every stroke of Namine's delicate fingertips.

Namine gets bolder as her name slips loud and rowdy from Selphie's parted, rosy lips, two fingers now instead of one, spreading her, teasing her, filling her.  And teeth, two, pinching her nipple and making her scream, cry Namine's name like a war cry, like a drowning plea for help, because she's drowning in the waves, the waves of ecstasy.  Kairi always makes her feel like she's drowning in the love, in the lust, in the joy, and Namine is all the same.  A wave that crashes down atop her head, sending her dizzy and spinning.

It's like that, seeing stars in front of her eyes and gasping hoarsely for air, that she finds release.  Orgasm shoots through her suddenly and brilliantly, and for minute all is white.  Then she's panting, and looking up, not quite able to register what she's seeing but feeling it make the desire swell in her all the same.  Kairi pulls Namine up on her knees, baring her whole body to Selphie, and wraps her arms around the slender girl's middle.  Her teeth clasp on Namine's throat, fingers driving into her, and Selphie watches breathless while Kairi fucks herself but not herself.

Calling out for Kairi in bliss, Namine slowly fades away from Kairi's grip.  There's a satisfied look on Kairi's face, even though Selphie didn't think she'd been touched, not enough anyway, but Kairi drapes herself over Selphie like a sated cat and nuzzles into her neck.

"What - ?" Selphie starts, but Kairi kisses her again, hard and urgent.

Sleep comes before answers, long before, but Selphie can wait.

The ghost hands stroke her in her dreams, and she sleeps smiling.

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