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New here and some stuff

So, I'm new here and would like to show some of my threesome AMV's I have made. 
First is and Olette\Roxas\Namine 
Song: "Teardrops on my Guitar" By Taylor swift
Pair: Roxas\Namine\Olette
Comment: The theme of this video is that Olette likes Roxas, but Roxas likes Namine -.-;; Drama Drama. But It's a sweet song and it reminded me of those three.

My second one:
Song: "I wanna be bad with you" By Willa Ford
Pair: Axel/Roxas/Demyx
Comment: This one is a less serious video and was more for the fun of it. The timing took forever though. I think in the end it paid off. And this is obviously Yaoi ^___^


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