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First post~

This is just something I was thinking of as I drew a pic. The fluffiness is through the roof. Believe me. I don't know if I did it well or not, but I did my best.

Title: Walking With Smiles (Title is subject to change.)
Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts. Or any of its sequals. -shoos Lawyers away-
Rating: G. EXTREME G.
Pairing: RikuxSoraxKairi
Warning: Extreme fluffiness. Don't blame me if ye say ye weren't warned.

Sunshine was bursting everywhere throughout Destiny Islands. Only three of the six that were usually there could be found on the island. Said friends were currently running around happily on the beach.

The brunette was chasing a silver-haired boy and a red headed girl at the moment. His two best friends (and closest) in the world. As the two running were caught up in getting away from their friend they never noticed him trip and fall on the beach. The two were soon nearing the palm trees.

A small cry came from the small boys, tears streaming down his face now. Sand was in his eyes. And we all know that hurts like heck. Poor thing, and his friends weren’t there to help him.
The red headed girl and silver-haired boy stopped running when they didn’t hear the laughter of their friend. Exotic green and amethyst eyes were filled with worry. Two sets of shoes dug into the ground as they ran to find their friend.

Said friend had come up to this conclusion: his friends had left him and gone to their houses. When he looked at the dock earlier he had only seen one boat. (I) The poor, poor brunette was too busy crying to notice that his two worried friends had found him.

When the two arrived they saw their friend crying on the ground. Each had a hint of sadness on their faces. Then each of them crouched down on either side of the boy and hugged him. Hugged him like he was going to disappear if they let go.

The boy’s tears stopped immediately as he hugged his two friends back. When they let go he wiped away his tears. A bright smile soon graced his features as he sent it up to his two friends. Who in turn, sent theirs back.

Two hands were out and waiting for the brunette to grab each. And he did, his silver-haired friend on the right and his red haired friend on the left. They began to walk along the beach to their Secret Place. Each child was smiling as brightly as the other.

Happy laughter rang throughout the island once again.
Leaving only footprints in its wake.


I. Sora only saw his boat, which was on the side of the dock he saw. Riku and Kairi's boats were on the other side.

Silly little Sora! -hugs-

I've never written anything to fluffy. Ever.

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