August 15th, 2010

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[fic] Arabian Prince Chapter 3~

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Chapter 3 to my PWP - getting ready to end it now lol. But can't stop!

Title: Arabian Prince
Author: MuñecaRise
Pairings: SoraxAladdinxHercules
Rating: NC-17, XXX
Disclaimer: Square Enix and Disney own the characters, settings, etc. I own the fiction.
Warnings: pretty hardxcore, perveted. Very kinky. maybe OOC? Definitely PWP (sort of). Kind of macro. Gigantic body parts.

Summary: lusty times in the desert sun gets pretty kinky! Sort of fantastical expectations, but it's all in good fun. obviously: yaoi, lemon, sex, interracial, chest!kink. This is based off a scene in Kingdom Hearts II when Sora returns to Agrabah and the fireworks begin (end of cutscene).

Chapter One (real Emotion)
Chapter Two (Butterfly)

Chapter Three (Can We Go Back)
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