April 10th, 2007

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Lesser-Known Fic Rec List for Kingdom Hearts

I'm hoping that this is allowed, but if not, feel free to poke me with sharp objects and delete this.

Lesser-Known Fic Recommendation List [For Kingdom Hearts]

Okay, so, this is probably (hopefully!) going to be pretty big.  The main idea of this was brought to life after some conversations with friends in the fandom about how some fics are absolutely mind-blowing with how good they are, but the majority of the fandom hasn’t seemed to notice them yet.  This is to basically pimp them out and get them out so people have new fics to read, and so the authors get the recognition that they deserve. 

Now, to clarify what “lesser-known” means: I’m not talking about Uzumaki-sama’s wonderful fics.  She’s been around in the fandom for a long time and is pretty much a common name like “cookies”- everyone likes them and knows what they are.  There really isn’t a limit, per se, on how many reviews that a “lesser-known” can have, but please try to use your best judgment.  If you see an one-shot with only 5 reviews and you like it, pimp it out! If you see a seven chapter fic with only 20 reviews, pimp it out!  This fandom is big enough where wonderful fics can get lost in-between the cracks, so let’s fix it. (This goes both ways, if you see a fic on here that you like, please review. It’s wonderful for the author.)

How do you fit into this? You pimp this stuff out to me and I’ll put it in this entry.  The format I would prefer that you would use would be just the generic stuff- Title, author, summary, rating, pairing, [please include if it’s het, gen, yaoi, yuri or etc]  and if it’s oneshot or more, but I understand if you’re in a hurry and can only post the link and “THIS IS AMAZING BYE WORK/SCHOOL NOW!”  So yeah, it’d be awesome to avoid that, but I understand all the same. Het, yaoi, yuri, gen are all welcome here, but they will be labeled so if you have a vaginaphobia and only read yaoi, or something similar then you won’t have to worry about it.

Lastly, I’d love for this to become a link-list to other fic-rec lists as well.  I know that there were a few floating around a while back, dedicated to a pairing or a certain genre, so if you would like to link me to those, I’ll stick those links at the end of the entry. 

I believe that’s it- if you can think of something that I’m forgetting, please let me know!  Recs go in the comments box, if you please and thank you! 

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