April 3rd, 2007

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Fic [RikuSoraKairi] Adjusting [R]

Title: Adjusting
Rating: R
Pairings, if any: RikuSoraKairi My OT3 <3
Summary: Things weren’t perfect, they weren’t at all as they had planned but at the same time they were the best they’d ever been.
Word Count: 1005
Warnings: Mentions of sex between the three.
Post KH2, which means tiny potential for spoilers.
A/N: I had trouble figuring out how I wanted this to be written so I finally said screw it and posted it. Meh. C&C still loved <3  Also, don't let me write while listening to Vienna Teng. XD

(Fakecut to my writing LJ)

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