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small fic

The idea doesn't leave me alone, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: LeonxSora, a little AxelxSora.
Rating: R to be on the safe side?
Title: About that stranger

Notes: It is slightly based on a roleplay, at least Leon and Sora's relationship. But it's minimal~

And no KH2 spoilers ♥


The sound of the shower woke him up. It was a cold day, and Sora found himself growling at his bathing boyfriend for letting him freeze in the bed. He pulled the covers up to his neck and curled, trying to keep himself warm.

Why can't you bath in the night like normal people do, Leon?

The boy closed his eyes and yawned, a slight shudder ran down his spine. He came from a warm world, he was used to warm places. He clinged to Leon in every chance available, just to feel his body warming him up.

He chuckled. Leon was considered the Ice Princess. It was a tiny piece of irony that the Ice could keep him warm.

Sora still remembered the first days of their relationship. Never knowing what to say, or what to do, afraid of kissing him to much or holding his hand for too long. With time he understood Leon liked it, but wasn't known for voicing his thoughts on the matter. After some months he was bouncing around the older man and glomping him to death every possible chance, with no complains from the lion.

A soft sigh. He liked to remember the times Leon opened up for him. The way he would touch him, careful, and tell him he was beautiful. Sora was particularly fond of kisses behind his ear and neck. Oh, and belly. He shivered just to imagine one of those soft, featherlike kisses on his stomach.

And of course, the warm feeling that seemed to possess him whenever the lion caressed his body.

The smile on his face faded as his memory recalled a similar situation, with similar tender kisses and similar careful touches.

Funny thing... he felt cold.

He frowned, trying to put a face to the sensual hands that studied every inch of him. The fuzzy image in his mind kissed his shoulder with stone lips and trapped his body with strong arms. Sora heard a quiet moan and it took him a couple of minutes to realize it came from his mouth.



Sora opened his eyes, breathing fast. He shouldn't enjoy those foreign fingers on his skin. His boyfriend was right there, in the room beside him and he was thinking of some cold, unnamed, faceless-- whatever it was!

But then again... curiosity made him try to remember more. I want to know who is that person, he told himself. I want to know if it was real, he reassured himself with a firm nod. Sora closed his eyes again and took a deep breath.

Truth to be told, he was just plain excited to remember someone he didn't know with Leon in the bathroom.

The ghostly hands resumed their activities, this time with Sora's own to help. Cold and warm mixed in his skin, and his mind couldn't help picturing Leon and the stranger caressing him with the care of an idol. The stranger tasted his lips as Leon kissed down his spine. Sora kicked the covers, his two visitors needed space to work.

A kiss here, a whimper there, the silent question Who are you? left without answer. He arched as the stranger licked his nipple softl---


Sora's eyes opened immediately, looking at the bathroom door. Leon was there, towel around his waist, with a slightly colored face staring at him.

"I ah... uh... mornin'?"


Sora shifted uncomfortably on the bed. "Is the uh... bathroom free now?"

Leon blinked.

"I'll ah... take a bath!"


With nervous movements, Sora took his towel and entered the bathroom, leaving a very confused Leon on the room.

Note to self: never try to remember strangers on the bed.


Don't kill me XD

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