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Community Discussion for September 5th - October 9th

Hello everyone! It's that time again for our montly community discussion. A lot of you have been talking about this pairing, and so here's your chance to really say your piece as to why this love triangle works, why it doesn't work, and what absolutely needs to happen for this kind of triangle to even have a remote chance of occuring. For those of you who are new to the community discussion, you can check out this older community discussion to get a feel of how things are are down.

Now, without further ado,

Leon x Cloud x Sephiroth

Leon x Cloud x Sephiroth. There is so much potential here that I barely know where to start. By now, I'm sure the majority of you have seen the picture of Leon and Cloud standing back to back against a horde of heartless from the leaked pictured of Kingdom Hearts 2. In our previous discussions, it was mentioned that over time, Leon has the potential to actually become a little friendly with people he finds himself forced to spend time with. It has been a year since Kingdom Hearts 1, and the game closed with Cloud and Leon in Hollow Bastion. And now with this picture, we can guess that the two of them at least have some kind of trust between them when it comes to fighting together.

But does trust equal lust? Leon has major competition for Cloud in the form of Aerith, although some may argue that Leon also has major competition with Sephiroth. Cloud spends a lot of time at the Coliseum waiting for him to come around just so he could kick his butt. At the end of Kingdom Hearts, Cloud and Aerith didn't get to share a sloppy kiss of love the same way that Aladdin and Jasmine did, in fact Cloud looked kind of sheepish at the way he'd been staying away from her to find Sephiroth. Cloud and Aerith both knew that when it came down to it, Cloud was bound and determined to do some Sephiroth chasing in place of consumating anything he had with Aerith. Aerith seems to accept this, and seems to take on the mentality that if Cloud comes back, then Cloud will come back for her, and they can pick up from there.

But we all know that Cloud is NEVER going to kill Sephiroth and so he's NEVER going to have a chance to come back. Sephiroth is powerful and Square-Enix loves him too much, ha ha! So Aerith will be waiting forever because Cloud is never going to come to his senses. The only reason Cloud is back in Hollow Bastion at the end of Kingdom Hearts is the fact that the world barriers have gone up and now he's stuck there until the next opportunity to nail Sephiroth comes around. How long before Aerith just says, "You know what, I understand that you don't have time for me, so you do what you want Cloud and so will I."

This is where Leon comes in. He really couldn't care less if Cloud is out on a manhunt. I can see it not bothering him as long as he's getting a little something on the side everytime Cloud happens to be in the neighborhood. Since I see their relationship being based more on trust than anything else, I see them being together out of need rather than love. The fate of their world is resting on a bratty teenager, a clutzy dog and a crazy duck, a little mansex on the side to relieve themselves of the craziness doesn't seem too impossible.

However, when Sephiroth comes around and Cloud becomse Avenging Cloud, how long will it be until Leon decides to bring Cloud to his senses? After all, they're supposed to be fighting a war with the heartless and Cloud is off chasing Sephiroth. Clearly his priorities are not straight. As leader of the team, what lengths will Leon go to make sure that Cloud puts his head back in the right place. Maybe challenge Sephiroth himself? Kill him so that Cloud wouldn't have to? Or is he the type of guy who would make Cloud want him so bad that he can't even think of Sephiroth anymore?

Then there is Sephiroth himself, who is probably really bored except when he's messing with Cloud's head. With Leon in the picture, I can see him doubling his fun by preying on them both. Two puppets for the price of one. One way he could definitely make Cloud crazy is to suddenly divert all his attention to Leon and pretend that Cloud doesn't exist. I can see him doing it on purpose just to make Cloud feel even more useless and demeaned. I think in all scenarios, he is the #1 manipulater on the love triangle unless Cloud and Leon somehow team up to doublecross him.

This is my take on the Leon x Cloud x Sephiroth pairing. What do you guys think? Can Leon get with Cloud out of some semblance of actual affection? Is Aerith too big of a barrier to get Cloud even remotely interested in casual sex with Leon? Is Sephiroth too above messing with petty relationships to get what he wants? In the end, is killing his only real "entertainment"? And here's an interesting question, one that I'm unable to answer since my memory of FF7 is a little shaky. You guys can help me out on this: Is Sephiroth without the influence of Jenova a totally different Sephiroth than the one we see in FF7? I vaguely remember him being someone everyone looked up to until he went crazy, which I assummed happened when Jenova merged with him. Is it possible that the Sephiroth we see in Kingdom Hearts is still under the influence of Jenova, or is he a dark part of Cloud's heart that remembers Sephiroth as someone who was always above him and unbeatable?

Because if he is a dark part of Cloud's heart, then we get into a whole other realm of the subconscious. After all, if Cloud has a secret desire to be punished, and that desire become Sephiroth of Kingdom Hearts... well, you get the picture. I'm getting a little far fetched here, so I'll stop here and give you guys room to comment with your thoughts.

This discussion is now open! Post away. :)
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