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Wonderfalls:  see a penny

Mythfic prompt # 1: it is the eternal law...

I'm happy to see that this community is finally seeing some activity (and fics!) again, so I figured that it might be a good idea to bring back our weekly fic prompts. We can run the challenges by themes, characters, myth cycles, or something else depending on what's preferable, and suggestions for these will always be welcomed in comments.

We'd do it a bit differently this time. We'll have the weekly prompts with themes/characters, and at the end of the month, we'll tally up all the fics written by members. The person who writes the most fics for any given month will then have a chance to request a story with her/his preferred themes/characters/pairings that will go up as a monthly challenge on the community (and run concurrently to the weekly challenges). It wouldn't, of course, guarantee that they'll get the fic they wanted, but it would give us a chance to reward their contribution and hopefully will motivate people to post more fics.

So, mythfic prompt #1: 100-1000ish* words on the following quote, "Learning comes through suffering."

Anything based on your own interpretation of the quote would be great; the story need not have a very obvious take on it. If you know the source of the quote, feel free to set the fic within the universe of that play, but it's not required.

*The word limit is more there as a guide than as an actual limit, so don't let that keep you from writing an epic if that's what you want.