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This is an RPG community based on everyone's favorite show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

This RPG is set to start in mid-fourth season of Buffy. Everything up until "A New Man" is true. This means that Adam has not been, and will not be created, but (sadly) Captain Cardboard, I mean Riley, and Buffy are together, Xander and Anya are together, Willow is seeing Tara secretly, Spike has the chip, etc. One slight twist is that Faith is going to wake up from her coma with a bit of amnesia. She remembers coming to Sunnydale to find Buffy and remembers working with her and the Scooby Gang, but has no recollection of being evil. She doesn't know why she was in the hospital, anything. So instead of waking up wanting to kill Buffy, she wakes up wanting to find Buffy and find out why she was in the hospital. Of course, that won't go over too well with the gang since she was evil and tried to kill people.

The reason that Adam won't be created is because I want this game to be about the characters and characterization, not fighting the big bads.

Now those pesky things called rules:
1. Post at least once a week to keep things going. If you can't for some reason, let the mod know either through an email (stone_dragon04@yahoo.com) or in the ooc.
2. All members should also join and use the ooc room: thisyear_ooc. This is where you post plot ideas, have out of character discussions, etc.
3. Use the comments. Participate with others through comments. It makes it more interesting and fun.
4. If you want to join please EMAIL ME, the mod, at stone_dragon04@yahoo.com with your character idea and what your journal name would be, etc.
5. Be respectful. 'Nuff said.
6. Use a journal name and icon that reflect your character.
7. Don't do anything that will majorly affect another person's character unless you discuss it with them in the ooc first.

I think that's enough rules for now. Just have fun!

Your Mod
aka stake_n_skank

Buffy: _buffy
Riley: cardboardcowboy
Giles: the_funny_drunk
Spike: ______spike____
Willow: so_the_net_girl
Tara: imbathedinlight
Xander: goodhumourman
Anya: __anya
Faith: stake_n_skank
Joyce: open

Any other characters are also open to be added if you can make them fit and they are approved by the mod.