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25th January 2005

the_funny_drunk7:51pm: Not two minutes had passed after telling Tara that I hadn't heard from Buffy when my door burst open. Honestly, has no one ever heard of knocking? Americans. No manners.

But it was not Buffy behind the door, but Riley, Faith, Xander, and Spike. Spike? Why is he back here? Hasn't he got anyone else to bother the hell out of? I see Willow and Tara fumbling around trying to quickly get the truth spell ready.

I notice that they are not struggling with Faith as Buffy had been earlier. She's actually cooperating? That's a first. She really must have amnesia. Perhaps the spell isn't necessary.. What am I saying? This is Faith. She's full of lies.

"Marvelous. Thank you Riley, for finding her. Thank you Faith for coming back. Now, Willow and Tara have prepared a truth spell. It is just to ensure that you really do have amnesia. Can never be too careful."

_buffy4:17pm: I couldnt find her anywhere! I checked everywhere that I though that she could be. Still, no Faith. Maybe I should try and call Willow to see if they'd gotten a hold of her. Crap. I turned on my phone, which was not supposed to be off, and saw that I had tons of missed calls. Mostly from Riley. I dialed in his phone number as I walked towards Giles' flat.

23rd January 2005

the_funny_drunk3:18pm: I begin to gather up the research books as Willow and Tara head to my kitchen for supplies. It's good to see Willow back to her old self. She had been such a terrible wreck after Oz's departure. But she seems much better lately. Perhaps it has something to do with this new friend of hers. They seem very comfortable and happy around each other... Maybe she's known Tara longer than I realize.

I do hope that they are careful. Magic is quite dangerous, and Willow is very persistent at wanting to learn everything she can, as quickly as possible.

I sigh, putting the books back on the shelf. Taking off my glasses, I wipe them with a cloth. I hope that Buffy and Riley get to Faith soon.

Putting my glasses back on, I look toward the kitchen, not seeing Willow or Tara. Perhaps they need help finding the ingredients?

"Willow, do you need any help finding anything?"

((open to Willow or Tara))

20th January 2005

so_the_net_girl5:54pm: Looks like Tara and I are going to be doing a truth spell on Faith. Good thing that Giles has all the ingredients. We can go ahead with the ritual now and only have to say a quick incantation when we see Faith.

All this with Faith is too freaky. I mean after the whole murdering thing last year, I knew she was psycho. And I felt really bad for Buffy about it all, but kinda glad, too. With the way that they were way into the Slayer-bonding, it was like I got my best friend back after Faith went evil. So, now that Faith doesn't know that she is evil...'Course lately it's not been like I'm best-friendy with Buffy anyway. She's got Riley and all that stuff.

And I've got Tara. I take Tara by the hand and lead her into the kitchen. "Come on, Tara, let's get to work on that truth spell," I say, the words coming out more staged than I mean. I guess Tara knows why I want a moment alone 'cause she smiles at me knowingly. As soon as we are just out of Giles's sight, I embrace her and lean in for a very passionate kiss. Mmm, Tara. She is so perfect and I think that this must be what heaven is like.

19th January 2005

goodhumourman7:05pm: The Bronze...
Fabulous, Fun, and Familiar...
I haunt this place like the Headless Horseman haunts bridges. Badly.
"Hey Xander, wanna play some pool?" says Percy. I've known him from school. Not that I was a basketball star like him, just that we both know Willow.
"Sure Percy" I say as I pick up the last of the straight cues. "This time bigger stakes double or nothin' my car or you scholar ship." Percy is worse off than me, he got into college, got on the team, and got cut quicker than you can say illegal pay offs from a booster. Now we shoot pool for bigger am bigger imaginary stakes. I guess neither of us could ever win, how would the loser ever pay up.
"Bigger Stakes...Funny" Percy scoffs "Xander do you ever see that Willow chick from high school? I was thinking of maybe applying to the community college and hoped she would help me out. You know studying and stuff."
"She's kinda busy you, know heavy course load and allot of ... clubs! She's joined allot of clubs. But when I see her I'll ask." The chances of Willow making time to help him get into clown college are about the same as the chance that Spike and Faith are teaming up to open the Hellmouth and they will use the Bronze as their Headquarters!
I see Faith and Spike walk in and shoot the 8 ball across the room into a pitcher of beer
Current Mood: contemplative

16th January 2005

stake_n_skank1:20am: Spike and I walk into the hospital and I immediately feeling a sinking feeling in my stomach. I really don't want to be here. It kind of creeps me out. Probably the whole waking up in the hospital not knowing why I'm here thing. Whatever.

We walk up to the front desk. I'm not even really sure what to ask. I guess I should maybe pretend to be family? It would be messed up if they knew who I was. There's no one at the desk, so I ring the little bell. Nervously, I drum my fingers on the counter while I wait for the receptionist. I sigh as she takes forever. Then she finally appears. "Can I help you?" she asks.

I ask her about... well me, saying that I'm family, a sister. This is majorly weird. I wait as the woman looks me up in the computer. She looks up at me with concern.

"It says your sister is no longer with us..."

"I know," I reply. "She's home now. I'm just curious about her condition. Are there possible side effects for what happened to her?" I'm trying desperately to pull info out of this woman without sounding like I don't know what happened.

"Well.. sure. I mean, she wasn't ever supposed to wake up. Coma patients with head trauma and internal bleeding and whatever else she had... they just don't genereally wake up."

My eyes dart to Spike.

"I'm very confused," she continued. "There's no record of your sister waking up... just that she's gone."

"Is there any chance of memory loss with coma cases?" I ask.

"Yes, sometimes I guess.."


I grab Spike's arm and drag him out the door of the hospital. I didn't want to be in there any longer than necessary. That was totally not helpful. There was no way for me to get any real information. I look to Spike. "Now what? That didn't help at all."

14th January 2005

the_funny_drunk3:01pm: This research is getting us nowhere. I think perhaps Willow should just try a truth spell to see if Faith really doesn't remember what happened last year. And do we really want to cure her amnesia? I mean, what good could possibly come if Faith learned that she had killed a man, turned to evil, and that Buffy stuck a knife in her, putting her in the hospital? Honestly. It's probably for the best if she doesn't remember. I take my glasses off to clean them.

"Alright everyone. I believe that Xander and Anya, you can head home. I don't believe we need to do any more research. Willow, I believe I have all the necessary materials for a truth spell. Hopefully Buffy will be able to bring Faith back here and then we can perform the truth spell on her. If she's lying, then we'll have to come up with a plan. But somehow, I don't believe she is."

12th January 2005

so_the_net_girl8:43pm: Looks like Giles and Xander are getting all research-y. It's almost like old times, back in the library...except no donuts, and, well, no library. I grab a book off the pile and start flipping through it. Amnesia spells? Memory erasers? I don't even know where to start.

I hope Tara doesn't think all this is too strange. I love her so much, I want to tell her. I take a chance while the others are reading to catch Tara's eye. "I love you!" I whisper to her.

8th January 2005

______spike____12:39pm: I leave Giles flat feeling a little frustrated and confused. I start walking in the direction of my current residence. I open the bottle I got from Giles place. I take a pull,sniff and wipe my forearm across my lips. "Giles needs to find something better than rotgut". "It's terrible but it's liquor". I make my way through the park, where I notice a couple sitting on a park bench.

"Evening to you" * I salute with the bottle*. The couple pay no attention. I see a vampire lounging in the trees. "It'll serve you right to get your throat's ripped out". The vampire makes his move,advancing on the couple. "Since I'd be the one to do it; I can't let another have all the fun".I set the bottle down and break off a solid tree branch while intercepting the vampire. "Look's like the kitchens closed mate". I kick the vampire in the face, punch him in the ribs and sweep his feet out. "A good toss alway's liven's up a boy". The couple flee into the night. I stake the vamp and quickly rise to a standing position. "There's nothing better than a kill before bed time". I light up a smoke and continue to the cemetery.

I arrive in the cemetery and head towards my crypt. I take another pull off the bottle, sniffing and wiping a forearm across my lips. "Bloody hell this tastes worse than turpentine, it does". I lean against a crypt and light another smoke, blowing ring's toward the moonlight.
the_funny_drunk1:09am: I fill Xander and Anya in on the current situation as Willow and Tara are attempting a locator spell to find Faith. Riley is headed to the hospital to find out anything he can, and Buffy is looking for Faith. I really wish she had consulted with me first. She's so rash sometimes. She should have just waited for the locator spell. How will she know where to look? And more importantly, if Faith is attempting to trick us, Buffy could be in real danger looking for her by herself. I really wish I knew the truth. What are we to do with Faith if she is tricking us? But if she's not... If she really does not remember what has happened, how do you tell a person those things? How do you tell a girl that the one person she feels is a friend is the one who put her in the hospital? How do you tell an amnesia patient that she killed a man? Those aren't easy things. This is a very delicate situation, and Buffy doesn't seem to understand. She just runs off, impulsively. She has no respect for me. I fear she doesn't even need me, and I just get in the way. Shaking off my concerns, I look to Willow and Tara. "Have you discovered where she is yet?"

6th January 2005

the_funny_drunk1:02am: I'm looking around at absolute chaos. What has happened? Faith is gone, Spike is here, and Willow seems all to comfortable in the arms of a girl I have never seen before. Hm. Why does the chaos always end up at my flat of all places? Well I suppose someone should go after Faith? If she is fooling us and is really still evil then we must find her quickly. I turn to everyone. "Well don't you all think someone had better follow her? She is dangerous. There's no way to tell if she was telling the truth or not."

5th January 2005

stake_n_skank4:49pm: I look around at everyone here. This is getting a little insane. I've had enough. No one is answering me. They are keeping things from me because 'I should know'. Bull. I've had it. I stand up. "What is this? Intervention time? I don't need intervention. I woke up in the fricking hospital with holes in my memory, and all you guys will do is act all schizo around me. I'll figure out what happened on my own. Thanks for nothing guys. Big help, you are." With that, I bolt out the door, shoving my way past Willow, before anyone can stop me. I head to the nearest cemetary. I need to blow off a little steam.

4th January 2005

so_the_net_girl7:12pm: I just got off the phone with Buffy. Tara and Riley want to know what is going on and who Faith is. I open my mouth to answer but am cut off by the snazzy polyphonic version of 'Witches Chorus' from Macbeth coming from my purse. Didn't even realize I had my own cell phone with me! I flip it open, "Hello?" It's Xander! "I'm lucky that you called! Buffy wanted me to get ahold of you...sounds like there is a Scooby meeting that is in need of some Scoobies! She didn't have time to tell me what is going on, but Faith is awake and is there with Buffy. I am pretty sure that she and Giles are going to try to de-evil her or something. Meet us there?"

I turn to Tara and Riley. Now I have double explaining to do! I stand up and grab my bag as I say, "Riley, I know it's not what you had planned exactly, but we might need some special ops-ish military action with Faith back in the picture...wanna come with? And, Tara, I hope that you don't mind, but do you think that maybe you could come too? I didn't mean for you to get dragged into this kind of stuff, but I was really looking forward to getting to be with you. If you both wanna come, I'll tell ya everything I know on the way!"
goodhumourman6:50pm: I need to call Willow because I really need to talk to her about what has been going on. I'm not sure where to begin. Anya is so inhuman... I mean non-human... maybe I mean inhumane? Well nevermind, Willow I need to figure out what to do... Maybe there is a "Fergettaboutit" Spell you could cast on her and she could move back into the demon world? Maybe you could cast the spell on me ( every one else does ) and I could forget about this whole year and just maybe we could bring back the Scoobies like it was before... Before the Mayor, before Faith, before we graduated and you all left for college and I suddenly wasn't part of anything worthwhile or important. I really miss you guys. But I can't tell Buffy. She must never know. I can't tell Giles he is even worse off than I am, and I am all to familiar with the road he was heading down. Too many of the people in my family have traveled from "Glen Fidditch" to "Boones Farm". No one could find Oz and Cordelia, they seem to have fallen off the face of the Earth. Here I am living in my car driving in circles around the Hellmouth looking for a vampire to dust to prove I am alive...555-1313 weird number I hope she picks up...
(( OOC )) over to Willow
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stake_n_skank10:24am: I sit on Giles' couch when I hear someone come in. Vampire. I can feel it. B's too busy on the phone and Giles looks like he's gunna have a heart attack. I turn my head to look at An- Wait. Not Angel? There's a vamp that's not getting staked and it's not precious Angel? Don't tell me B has moved on to yet another one of the undead. If she did, though, I have to admit that the girl's got pretty decent taste. Angel was a honey and now this guy- did Giles say his name was Spike?- was pretty do-able too. God! I'm so frustrated! Everyone is acting all twitchy and not explaining anything! I just wanna know what's going on! "Okay come on guys!" I yell as soon as Buffy gets off the phone. "WHAT is going on?"

3rd January 2005

_buffy4:21pm: Finally, we're almost there. I'm almost at the door, when I feel a tingling sensation on the back of my neck. A vampires close. Well Mr. Vamp will just have to wait until this whole Faith situation is taken care of. I reach for the door knob, but the tingling comes back again, stronger...Its Spike. Oh well, he can make himself known if he wants his ass kicked, if not then i wont even worry about him. I enter Giles' flat, not even thinking about knocking. He turns around to face me, but when he sees who I'm with he doubles back to his weapons chest. "Yeah, dont worry Giles...I had the same reaction." I turn to Fait. "You. Sit." I point to the couch. "Dont touch anything." When I opened my mouth to talk to Giles, my phone rang again. Wh didnt I just smash it when i had the chance? I flip it open. "Hello?"

2nd January 2005

the_funny_drunk7:48pm: I stood by the shelves, organizing some of my books. Wasting time mostly. There really wasn't a lot to do lately when we weren't facing an apocolpse. Of course, I'd much rather be bored than be fighting to save the world. That just happens far too often. The television was on, the sound turned down a little. "Passions" was on. Sadly, I admit that I had willingly turned it on. As I organized the shelves I kept an eye on what was happening. In the little time that Spike had been staying here, chained in my bathtub of course, I'd grown quite attatched to the horrendous show. It passed the time. God, that was an inconvenience having Spike here. I'm glad that he's gone. I realise that the remote control is across the room. Bloody hell, what if someone come in and sees me watching "Passions"? Willingly no less. I walk across to the remote and as I pick it up, my front door swings open. I quickly hit the 'power' button and toss the remote on the couch. Spinning around I see Buffy. "Hello Buffy. You look a bit distressed. Is something wro-" She isn't alone. She's dragging someone in with her. I take a step back, fumbling, as I see who comes in behind her. Faith. Regaining my balance, I instinctively take a step toward my weapon's chest. Oh dear Lord.
______spike____3:59pm: I'm sitting on a dusty coffin lid,with my back and head reclining against a crumbling cement wall. I have a half empty beer in one hand and lit smoke in the other. I'm watching passions on the tellie and am in a sour mood. I get up from my relaxed position and yell at the tellie,"what the bloody hell is wrong with that woman,she know's he's all wrong for her". The bloke's got no prospect's and he's a ponce ta boot. I start thinking of Buffy. This sound's like the Slayer and her Gi Joe boy toy. Lord know's...I hate that corn fed Nancy as much as the next evil thing. Plus His outfit is responsible for whatever's wrong with me. I chuck the bottle of beer at the wall and it shatters to a million peices. I know what I'll do,I'll get some answers.I grab my cig's and leave the crypt in a rage.

(OOC)I watched some of season 4 the other night.It seem's that Spike doesn't know about the chip yet.Sorry..I haven't watched Buffy in a while.

31st December 2004

imbathedinlight5:10pm: I'm sitting cross legged on the dorm bed, watching Willow put away her laundry. I'm helping her study for an important upcoming exam. It is nice to have some time to just listen to her talk, she is always so kind and funny. I feel a little intimidated when she is with her other friends, who are much more outgoing than me. I get so tongue-tied. I need to relax more. Willow seems a little agitated tonight. "Ww-willow. Do you want to take a break before we study some more. Ww-we could get a coffee, if you wanted to. Or should I just leave? Did you want to be alone?" I ask nervously, getting off the bed and clutching the books closely.

((occ - over to you Willow))
lizpin11:33am: So far the night had been going pretty well. It was the first time I'd been home since school started. I was a little bored though. Mom had gone up to bed not too long ago, and I was now searching for something to watch. I was just starting to get into an episode of I Love Lucy, when I felt a shiver run down my spine. I would blame it on the cold, if it wasnt currently in the middle of summer. Something was close. Something familiar. I pull back the drapes just enough to see a figure walking away from my house. It was crazy, impossible...it was Faith! I didnt have to time grab any weapons as I raced out of the house. I ran up behind her and grabbed her arm forcefully. "What the hell do you think your doing here?" My words were filled with hate, even though part of me was relieved that she'd waken up. Faith was the sister that I'd never had, but that doesnt change what I had to do.
stake_n_skank12:05pm: Whoa! Wait a sec. This little bit of whatever-the-hell-is-going-on is totally messing with my head. Why did I go to the school? Everyone should have graduated! And Buffy mighta gone and left Sunnydale for college! What the hell?

I walk past Buffy's house and head toward Giles' place.

29th December 2004

stake_n_skank11:43pm: Suddenly my eyes open. I look around. What the hell? Why am I in a hospital? What's going on? All I remember is coming to Sunnydale and working with Buff and the Scoobies! Now I wake up in a hospital! I rip the iv tubes out and stand up. Walking into the hall I see a girl, looking a little lost. "Hey, do you know what date it is?" She tells me. I can't believe what I'm hearing! What's going on? Buffy and the super friends are sure to know. If they're not all in the hospital too! First things first, need some non-hospital type clothing.

After getting dressed, I check with the front desk to see if anyone else is in the hospital. Nope. I head off to the school.

I don't even get within a mile of the school before seeing that it's gone. What is happening?? I see an older man walking and I grab his arm. "Hey! What happened to the school?" He said it was a big explosion. A lot of people died. Maybe that's why I was in a coma in the hospital! Oh god! What if everyone's dead? But if I'm alive, B's alive. Gotta find someone who can tell me what's going on!

I head toward Buffy's house.
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