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Not two minutes had passed after telling Tara that I hadn't heard from Buffy when my door burst open. Honestly, has no one ever heard of knocking? Americans. No manners.

But it was not Buffy behind the door, but Riley, Faith, Xander, and Spike. Spike? Why is he back here? Hasn't he got anyone else to bother the hell out of? I see Willow and Tara fumbling around trying to quickly get the truth spell ready.

I notice that they are not struggling with Faith as Buffy had been earlier. She's actually cooperating? That's a first. She really must have amnesia. Perhaps the spell isn't necessary.. What am I saying? This is Faith. She's full of lies.

"Marvelous. Thank you Riley, for finding her. Thank you Faith for coming back. Now, Willow and Tara have prepared a truth spell. It is just to ensure that you really do have amnesia. Can never be too careful."

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I couldnt find her anywhere! I checked everywhere that I though that she could be. Still, no Faith. Maybe I should try and call Willow to see if they'd gotten a hold of her. Crap. I turned on my phone, which was not supposed to be off, and saw that I had tons of missed calls. Mostly from Riley. I dialed in his phone number as I walked towards Giles' flat.
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I begin to gather up the research books as Willow and Tara head to my kitchen for supplies. It's good to see Willow back to her old self. She had been such a terrible wreck after Oz's departure. But she seems much better lately. Perhaps it has something to do with this new friend of hers. They seem very comfortable and happy around each other... Maybe she's known Tara longer than I realize.

I do hope that they are careful. Magic is quite dangerous, and Willow is very persistent at wanting to learn everything she can, as quickly as possible.

I sigh, putting the books back on the shelf. Taking off my glasses, I wipe them with a cloth. I hope that Buffy and Riley get to Faith soon.

Putting my glasses back on, I look toward the kitchen, not seeing Willow or Tara. Perhaps they need help finding the ingredients?

"Willow, do you need any help finding anything?"

((open to Willow or Tara))

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Looks like Tara and I are going to be doing a truth spell on Faith. Good thing that Giles has all the ingredients. We can go ahead with the ritual now and only have to say a quick incantation when we see Faith.

All this with Faith is too freaky. I mean after the whole murdering thing last year, I knew she was psycho. And I felt really bad for Buffy about it all, but kinda glad, too. With the way that they were way into the Slayer-bonding, it was like I got my best friend back after Faith went evil. So, now that Faith doesn't know that she is evil...'Course lately it's not been like I'm best-friendy with Buffy anyway. She's got Riley and all that stuff.

And I've got Tara. I take Tara by the hand and lead her into the kitchen. "Come on, Tara, let's get to work on that truth spell," I say, the words coming out more staged than I mean. I guess Tara knows why I want a moment alone 'cause she smiles at me knowingly. As soon as we are just out of Giles's sight, I embrace her and lean in for a very passionate kiss. Mmm, Tara. She is so perfect and I think that this must be what heaven is like.

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The Bronze...
Fabulous, Fun, and Familiar...
I haunt this place like the Headless Horseman haunts bridges. Badly.
"Hey Xander, wanna play some pool?" says Percy. I've known him from school. Not that I was a basketball star like him, just that we both know Willow.
"Sure Percy" I say as I pick up the last of the straight cues. "This time bigger stakes double or nothin' my car or you scholar ship." Percy is worse off than me, he got into college, got on the team, and got cut quicker than you can say illegal pay offs from a booster. Now we shoot pool for bigger am bigger imaginary stakes. I guess neither of us could ever win, how would the loser ever pay up.
"Bigger Stakes...Funny" Percy scoffs "Xander do you ever see that Willow chick from high school? I was thinking of maybe applying to the community college and hoped she would help me out. You know studying and stuff."
"She's kinda busy you, know heavy course load and allot of ... clubs! She's joined allot of clubs. But when I see her I'll ask." The chances of Willow making time to help him get into clown college are about the same as the chance that Spike and Faith are teaming up to open the Hellmouth and they will use the Bronze as their Headquarters!
I see Faith and Spike walk in and shoot the 8 ball across the room into a pitcher of beer
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Spike and I walk into the hospital and I immediately feeling a sinking feeling in my stomach. I really don't want to be here. It kind of creeps me out. Probably the whole waking up in the hospital not knowing why I'm here thing. Whatever.

We walk up to the front desk. I'm not even really sure what to ask. I guess I should maybe pretend to be family? It would be messed up if they knew who I was. There's no one at the desk, so I ring the little bell. Nervously, I drum my fingers on the counter while I wait for the receptionist. I sigh as she takes forever. Then she finally appears. "Can I help you?" she asks.

I ask her about... well me, saying that I'm family, a sister. This is majorly weird. I wait as the woman looks me up in the computer. She looks up at me with concern.

"It says your sister is no longer with us..."

"I know," I reply. "She's home now. I'm just curious about her condition. Are there possible side effects for what happened to her?" I'm trying desperately to pull info out of this woman without sounding like I don't know what happened.

"Well.. sure. I mean, she wasn't ever supposed to wake up. Coma patients with head trauma and internal bleeding and whatever else she had... they just don't genereally wake up."

My eyes dart to Spike.

"I'm very confused," she continued. "There's no record of your sister waking up... just that she's gone."

"Is there any chance of memory loss with coma cases?" I ask.

"Yes, sometimes I guess.."


I grab Spike's arm and drag him out the door of the hospital. I didn't want to be in there any longer than necessary. That was totally not helpful. There was no way for me to get any real information. I look to Spike. "Now what? That didn't help at all."
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This research is getting us nowhere. I think perhaps Willow should just try a truth spell to see if Faith really doesn't remember what happened last year. And do we really want to cure her amnesia? I mean, what good could possibly come if Faith learned that she had killed a man, turned to evil, and that Buffy stuck a knife in her, putting her in the hospital? Honestly. It's probably for the best if she doesn't remember. I take my glasses off to clean them.

"Alright everyone. I believe that Xander and Anya, you can head home. I don't believe we need to do any more research. Willow, I believe I have all the necessary materials for a truth spell. Hopefully Buffy will be able to bring Faith back here and then we can perform the truth spell on her. If she's lying, then we'll have to come up with a plan. But somehow, I don't believe she is."

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Looks like Giles and Xander are getting all research-y. It's almost like old times, back in the library...except no donuts, and, well, no library. I grab a book off the pile and start flipping through it. Amnesia spells? Memory erasers? I don't even know where to start.

I hope Tara doesn't think all this is too strange. I love her so much, I want to tell her. I take a chance while the others are reading to catch Tara's eye. "I love you!" I whisper to her.

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I leave Giles flat feeling a little frustrated and confused. I start walking in the direction of my current residence. I open the bottle I got from Giles place. I take a pull,sniff and wipe my forearm across my lips. "Giles needs to find something better than rotgut". "It's terrible but it's liquor". I make my way through the park, where I notice a couple sitting on a park bench.

"Evening to you" * I salute with the bottle*. The couple pay no attention. I see a vampire lounging in the trees. "It'll serve you right to get your throat's ripped out". The vampire makes his move,advancing on the couple. "Since I'd be the one to do it; I can't let another have all the fun".I set the bottle down and break off a solid tree branch while intercepting the vampire. "Look's like the kitchens closed mate". I kick the vampire in the face, punch him in the ribs and sweep his feet out. "A good toss alway's liven's up a boy". The couple flee into the night. I stake the vamp and quickly rise to a standing position. "There's nothing better than a kill before bed time". I light up a smoke and continue to the cemetery.

I arrive in the cemetery and head towards my crypt. I take another pull off the bottle, sniffing and wiping a forearm across my lips. "Bloody hell this tastes worse than turpentine, it does". I lean against a crypt and light another smoke, blowing ring's toward the moonlight.
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I fill Xander and Anya in on the current situation as Willow and Tara are attempting a locator spell to find Faith. Riley is headed to the hospital to find out anything he can, and Buffy is looking for Faith. I really wish she had consulted with me first. She's so rash sometimes. She should have just waited for the locator spell. How will she know where to look? And more importantly, if Faith is attempting to trick us, Buffy could be in real danger looking for her by herself. I really wish I knew the truth. What are we to do with Faith if she is tricking us? But if she's not... If she really does not remember what has happened, how do you tell a person those things? How do you tell a girl that the one person she feels is a friend is the one who put her in the hospital? How do you tell an amnesia patient that she killed a man? Those aren't easy things. This is a very delicate situation, and Buffy doesn't seem to understand. She just runs off, impulsively. She has no respect for me. I fear she doesn't even need me, and I just get in the way. Shaking off my concerns, I look to Willow and Tara. "Have you discovered where she is yet?"