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The Glamorous Men Of Indie Rock 'n' Roll

Did you see the stylish kids in the riot?

Music. Boys. Clothes. How much better does it get?
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So, like the way those rockstar boys dress? Hate how the NME called Brandon Flowers' leather blazer "that awful pink thing"? Signed the petition to bring back Alex Kapranos' fringe? Saved up your pocket money to buy a libertinesque red guard jacket? Well, then this community is for you.

-Be nice, by royal command of queen_flowers.
-Remember, the music comes first, this comes second.
-Feel free to fangirl, but keep your fantasies lodged within your crotch and not on this community. In other words, no "OMG HE IS SO DAMN FINE I WANT TO LICK HIM!!!12345" Also, no death threats, etc to wives/girlfriends.
-Post pictures, because hot musician boys are like catnip for teh females. Okay, so you don't have to post pictures, but it would be ace if you did. We hopefully won't have a problem with this, but please refrain from posting pictures of guys who can't keep their pants on. Also feel free to post pictures of how you attempt to dress like your favourite rockstar.
-If posting more than one picture, or pictures over 500x500, use an LJ cut.
-Posting community promo is okay as long as it relates to fashion or music.
-Introductory posts are fine as long as visual evidence/descriptions of your favourite stylish indie boys is given.

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Created and monitered by yer mother, the magical dancing blochead and a transmission partier.
Go to queen_flowers if you love Miss Brightside's feminine wiles. Sentence those naughty boys to imprisonment at fannyisland.