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_thinspire is about eating disorders.
Need a little something to help you stay focused? You've come to the right place.

Owned maintained by babeimafake & 820511

MOD:babeimafake & 820511
CO-MODS:mikale & cantonian

Confused? Not sure why you were deleted from the community? Message babeimafake she'd love to tell you. :)

This community has Restricted Membership.babeimafake approves new members. Eating disorders are not something that you one day decided you're going to have. So any fakes, we don't want. Believe me, you stand out like a sore thumb. If your profile looks like you don't belong here or it is a blank profile, you most likely will not be aproved. If you are not aproved, and you feel you should be, send us an email at babeimafake@hotmail.com and tell us why we should approve you.

Only members can post so you must join to view entries, and post your own.

Any post that does not agree with these rules can be deleted with or without a warning.

+ NO TEXT ONLY POSTS. This includes links. There are plenty of pro-ed communities out there for support, this one is for strictly triggering pictures only. I will give you the benefit of the doubt for the first time you post without a photo, the second time you're out.

+ First time you post a text only post, it will be removed. Second time you do, you will be removed from the community. This might sound harsh but it's a simple rule, NO TEXT ONLY POSTS!

+ Photo's must be behind a lj-cut Don't come to me saying you don't know how because here :i.e. (<*lj-cut text="Cut off here">) Just take out the * .... now you know.

+ All posts must be friends only.

+ Intros are not necessary, but if you are posting one please put it behind an lj cut. Please make sure the post still contains at least one picture.

+ Broken images and the like will be deleted (if your pictures don't work.. why would we keep it?). If you are unsure about posting them, please ask someone first. If you're looking for an image host photobucket.com is good and free. They also supply you with the code needed to post pictures.

+ Nudity vs Porn. Learn the difference. I have explained this many times, still confused please check the memories.

+ Please remember that the majority of us do have an eating disorder of some sort. Respect that or leave. Or be out. Your choice.

+ No promotion of illegal drugs or drug use. This includes asking for methods of obtaining prescription-only drugs as well.

+ No promoting any other community in _thinspire whatsoever, confused still, check the memories under RULES. Only the Owner can promote.

+Please post one of our promo banners in your user info after you join the community. It helps us grow, and the bigger we are, the better for you.

+ Lastly.....HAVE FUN! And please remember to respect others.

+ FYI, I can delete anyone, without any notice, so don't piss me off, play nicely and ... ENJOY!

Some people just can't learn to play nice.