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Hello girls! I haven't been on for a while becuase my boss said she would fire me if i didn't eat... cause of my mood and stuff. Anyways, that was just a summer job and IT'S OVER!
so, i really need to get back on track.. It's been a lot easier than i ever thought it would be. In fact, it's harder not to be on track.
anyone want to join me? i really want a texting buddie!
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Stress & Weight Management Camp

Hey everyone,


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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

After 3 years of being out of the community and out of all the support, I realized i need it again, more than ever.  I've gone on bipolar medication and it's made me fat.  I need your support like I never have before to get me thin again!!
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Hello guys!

I want to invite you to become a member of a brand new board dedicating to everything lifestylish like fashion, beauty, living & especially diets. You have the chance to be one of the very first users!

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I didn't find a word against advertisement in the community rules. If I overlooked them, I have to apologize.


 I'm quite the sneaky person and I found out that my boyfriend is proposing this next summer... and I am a fat mess.  I HAVE lose this weight before he comes home from school for the summer.  I don't want him asking me to marry him while I sit or stand there uncomtfortably wondering is my gut is sticking out.  I have to be thin and careless.. .My college eating habits have gone WAY too far.  My goal is to lose 5 pounds before comes home for spring break on March 5.  and then lose 15 pounds more after that before May when he comes home for the summer.

cw 145
stg 140
ltg 125

So I plan on eating a super low calorie diet and working out EVERYDAY

Tomorrow I'm going to the gym  after work and class and doing a half hour on the eliptical, 

Does any one find results in doing crunches?  I'd like to do some but I'm afraid they will just make me buik up,


Here''s a picture somsone took of me today.... when I saw it, I decided enough was enough


As a freshmen in my first semester in college, everything was going so well.  I loved my classes and such..

But now.... I just feel shitty... overweight and just bad.... weighing 135 lbs (5'7)..... its just so bad.

I was falling in love with a boy from Germany... and falling out of love of what was a relationship going nowhere.  And now... the old relationship wont go away.... and the German boy.... has seemed to abandon me.  I dunno...I just want to be weightless.... 

I haven't been ana in two years, but if anytime was the right time to start again, it would be now.