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Deep Thinking Fasters

It's Cold Where I Lay, My Bones Cracked to Clay...

tHiNk FaSt
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I decided to start a community for those of us with eating disorders who incorporate water/juice fasting into our lives and who are also deep-thinkers. I often feel odd posting in pro communities all my thoughts on my ED because they may seem silly, odd, far-fetched, etc. to the other community members. But many of my friends who also have EDs seem to carry the same thinking without a place to share those thoughts and ideas. I felt it would be beneficial and helpful to some of us to have a community for this.

It is a closed community to prevent drama, trolling, and nasty remarks. I will have to approve you before you are a member or can post. If you do not come here with an open-mind and understanding, you do not belong here.

In your first post once accepted, please fill out the following in a LJ cut. -to do a LJ cut replace the paranthesis with <>: (lj-cut text="what you want the cut link to say") entry here (/lj-cut)-
How long have you had your ED(s):
Ultimate Goal:
Preferred Method of Fasting (i.e. juice or water):

Also, there will be no remarking on other member's weights. Myself and several others were recently very hurt in a certain community when the moderator made a nasty entry saying those of us who were not of a BMI of 18 or less were not legitimately eating disordered and she went on from there. I am not thin at the moment and have been diagnosed with anorexia nervose by a medical doctor. Please do remember the people posting have feelings and we did not all develop our EDs at a low weight. Should you make these types of comments are anything nasty, hurtful, rude you will not be warned but simply kicked out. I don't find my requesting kindness, support, and sensitivity a high demand. Feel free to post pics. If they contain nudity (as in showing breasts or genital areas) please, please, PLEASE put them in a cut!

My Stats:
Name/Nickname: Leigh
Age: 24
Location: Northwest FL
ED(s): anorexia, bulimia, COE, ED-NOS
How long have you had your ED(s): altogether over 13 years, to break it down- anorexia ages 11-15, bulimia ages 16-20, spurts of these between 20 and 22, COE at 22, ED-NOS at 23, now anorexia with bulimic tendencies
Height: 5'6"
CW: 160
BMI: 25.82 :'o(
LW: 87
HW: 255
Ultimate Goal: anything 2-digits
Preferred Method of Fasting (i.e. juice or water): water