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It all started with chicken.

a thief, a whore, and a liar
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I took their smiles and I made them mine
I sold my soul just to hide the light
And now I see what I really am - A thief, a whore, and a liar.

For the record, this community is not about being a theif, a whore, or a liar. It's about being Brittany, Jenn, and Katie and having weird inside jokes that involve such things.

So... yeah.
"chicken", "dog food", "fucking birds!", "sirius you bitch!", "teh", 2 b a master, 40:00, accents, alboos/lily, alboos/meenerva, arabic!albus, arguing about politics, back up the car!, backstreet boys, barnes & noble, being badarses, ben moody, bert, bert's yammering, bestest friends, brian/ryan, c to the ho!, cell-phone messages, conor, crack!fic, double-u tee eff, dudley/piers otp!!11!!, fandom, fanfiction, farther away (the song), fictional characters, fine young woman, fright nights, george&penelope the pens, gilderoy/fang, got blood?, half-blood princess, hell if i know, hot boy stealing yankees, hp, i mean geese!, it hurts good, james on you!, jealous!snape, jesses' real name, jon, juaphobia, kenneth karen, kerry/edwards (otp), kuttah, let me have the boyyy, luscious malfoy, memories, music, music stores, myyy precious, nicknames, non'a that girl stuff, nostalgia, not like the other girls, obsession, oh my sirius, omfd, oohh lily, our demented senses of humor, parental advisory cds, peter pan (book&movie), peter penelope, poa trailers, pokemon, quills, remus the reese peice, richard's annoying walk, sevvy, sevvy's ex bf, shipper-riffic!, sirius saluting, smeagol, sparkly stick of doom, spiffy snake cane, staying up all night, stop playing around!, straight!peter & gay!siriusremusjames, suicide-in-the-animal-kingdom, the baseball fields, the human stain, the lights!, the marauders, the precious!, the puzzle pieces convo, the shipping hat, the word "kid", theorizing hp, tommykins, trips to wendy's, uh-huh, uncle jesse, vernon/squirrel, vold, we enjoy it!, when harry met snape, when sevvy says wtf, writing fic