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i made a poem..tell me what u think:

i wish i was pretty like all those girls
instead of being ugly in this whole world
i love how everyone has that one special gift
and here i am with no gift to be left with
everyone crys out tears of joy
and i only cry of sorrow and deploy
people dont relize how much they hurt me inside
that once im alone and sit down and cry
from all the times ive been hurt i could cry till my death
my eyes would be wet until my last breath
if you look into my eyes youll see a sad tale
about a little girl who was destined to fail
she had no friend so she couldnt feel in place
and her whole family thought of her as a disgrace
she struggled to get noticed just to get one single friend
but nothing worked out so she gave up in the end
she would sit in her room all alone in the dark
and thats when all her suicidal thoughts began to start
she stayed up till late hours with a knife in her hand
listening to the screaming of an angry sad band
a slice and cut and the blood drips on the floor
watchin in anticipation she wanted more
she cut and she cut until she hit that one vein
and this time she gasped from all of the pain
she watched as the blood was still coming out
even with her hand still closed on it tough
she panicked and screaming but no one came to see
as she layed on the floor with the blood flowing out easily
the last thing she remembered was her dad bursting in the door
gasping at his daughter dead on the floor...

tell me what u thinkg ^_^

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