_get_fucked_ (_get_fucked_) wrote in _thexbeautiful_,

hi im new im scared i like lil debbie


//name// corey o'connor
//age// 18
//sex// dood
//location// new bedford mass
//preference// comfortable hetero(homosexual/heterosexual/bisexual)


//music// the faint, the cure, mewithoutyou, the unicorns the moldy peaches, blood brothers, somegirls, and much more stuff
//pet peeves// wicked gross teeth, and hairy girls.
//your favorite thing about yourself// my eyes and sense of humor
//your least favorite thing about yourself// my genital warts
//make us laugh// ok.
//promote us// www.livejournal.com/users/_get_fucked_
//how did you hear about us// i almost dieddue to an over dose of potassium from eating to many bananas


(3 shots and at least 1 body shot

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