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Could YOU Be A Stepford?
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This is a disclaimer. I am in no way saying that women should act like Stepfords, be like Stepfords, or even look like Stepfords. This is a fun community which should be taken lightly. It's just like all other communities out there, a joke. So please do not post here saying how we are discriminating women and we don't respect them. That's not it AT ALL. Thank you for your time.

1) Do not argue with other members. If they start something report it to me and I will do something about it.
2) Again do not take this community seriously. It is for fun.
3) When posting a new app, put your name in the subject line so I know you read the rules. If you don't, I will delete it.
4) You may promote, but after you have been stamped and you must put it behind a cut titled 'promo'.
5) Must be able to participate in every theme. They will include things like designing your own outfits, giving someone a makeover, coming up with recipes, and creating your own crafts. So even if you aren't the least bit creative with some things you can still look them up on the internet (ie. recipes & crafts).
6) Be decent to new applicants.
7) Elaborate on all of your answers. I want to see some depth!
8) Must put everything behind a cut.
9) Stamped members, you will judge on overall personality, intelligence, and maybe 1% looks. When voting, compile a 'mini list' of + and -. Just because you don't agree with what they say doesn't mean they are not right for this community.

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