The Simpsons

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Welcome to the un-official live journal simpsons community. I know there are hundreds of live journal users out there who love the simpsons, so join and get posting! Here's a starter for you to fill out if you're not sure what to post!

How did you find this community?:
Favourite simpsons character:
Favourite simpsons episode:
Anything else you want to say?:

Post pictures, show us your drawings, discuss your favourite characters and episodes, tell us what you think would make a really cool episode.. anything!

Also, there are 3 rules I ask you to follow:
{1}:No flaming, I will not tolerate abuse to other members of the community, if there is any instance of this you will be warned, then if it happens again, you will be banned and reported.
{2}:Don't join this community if you have no interest in the simpsons or anything related.
{3}:Use an lj-cut tag when showing pictures.