I have a small request.
You know the episode where Homer's mother comes to Springfield after Homer faked his own death?
Well at the very end of the episode, when she gets on the bus and Homer is sitting on the hood of his car looking up into the sky - does anybody have a still of this?

Thank you!
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Simpsons News updates

Here's some articles to keep you up to date with the latest in Simpsons news.

Springfield, Minnesota, To Simpsons: Drop DeadSpringfield, Minnesota has taken itself out of the running to be recognized as the Springfield where the Simpsons reside.

Green Day To Release Simpsons TuneThe famous theme tune for The Simpsons is getting a punky re-working by Green Day in time for the cartoon family's big screen debut this summer.

Simpsons Soundtrack To Be Released By Three Different CompaniesIn a new twist, the score soundtrack for the upcoming Simpsons movie, featuring Green Day’s rendition of the show’s famous theme, will be released simultaneously by three companies.

Simpsons Boss: Movie Had To Wait To Be GoodThe Simpsons: The Movie writer Al Jean is glad the animated series has taken almost 20 years to make it's big screen, because it would have disappointed its fans if it was made any earlier.

Simpsons Movie Trailer 70% Fake?!?!

Think you know what The Simpsons Movie is about? Think again. Simpsons Producer James L Brooks claims that 70% of the theatrical trailer is not even in the finished film: “It started out as people wanting to know what it was about, and then we were having fun with it, putting out false story lines. We’ve revealed more with each successive trailer. We’ll continue to do that,” Brooks told EW. “We saw a trailer the other day, and somebody said 70 percent of the things in it — based on where we were eight weeks ago — are no longer in the movie, because we keep on fooling around.” Brooks also revealed that “there are 94 speaking parts [so far]. And our animals don’t speak,” and “at least one [new character]. If you count nonhuman, two.” Meanwhile, Newsweek is reporting that we'll be seeing more of Bart Simpson than anybody wants to in the movie. "In one shocking moment, little Bart flashes his little part to the entire world. Which may make this the first Hollywood film to show that kind of skin and to escape an R rating." And we're going to leave that one alone.

Simsons Movie Ride Confirmed?

Back in July last year we spoke of rumors of a Simpsons Movie themed ride. More rumors have been flying around courteousy of LA Weekly, revealing the Simpsons ride will be called "Travel with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie" and it will be the same kind of ride as Back to the Future. That is, the ride will be a motion simulated ride in which visitors board a stationary "car" that shifts in conjunction with the camera movements of an animated film projected onto a screen. The brain will process the coordinated movements so as to trick the viewer into thinking they are actually in transit.

The original title of this Imax format film was to be the "Simpsons: Sprint Through Springfield." Apparently, some of the suits at Universal Orlando must have gotten convinced that people not fervently and fanatically tied to the show wouldn't understand that Springfield is the town in which the show takes place. There's no word yet on the actual "plot" of the film that will be used in the ride. And if you're planning on heading down to Orlando this summer to find out, your wait will be slightly longer than the usual wait at the Jaws ride. If the columnists rumors are to be believed, the ride will open in Summer 2008.
Shinra power

Helllo :)

I am new here, So I'm glad to meet you all.

I just have one question for now...

Does anyone know when Season 10 comes out on DVD?
Seeing as I don't get TV reception, it is my only means of happy viewing... so i need it.
pocoyo dance

Me fail English??

Hoping someone here has their thinking cap on!!

I'm after some Simpsons quotes that relates to school or learning ... I'm currently having a brain freeze and google is not being my friend =(

“That’s why I love elementary school, Edna. The children will believe anything you tell them.”