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I know more will come to after I post this, but personally I loved "The Simpsons Game" for the PS2 (even though it took Gamestop 20 days to give me my bonus gift, a Homerball, after I received my game). I thought that it had a great story, good interactive game play (good puzzles and what not), and pretty good graphics to boot. The only really big problems I have with the game is with some of the puzzles (mainly the get collectibles) that are set up to look like the most basic puzzle in the world but are actually much more difficult then they appear (you know what I am talkin' about). Agh! I get so burnt up when that happens. That and the very troublesome game camera. Also much to my dismay I was kind of ripped off with the PS2 version because a lot of thing were cut...

- Levels are much shorter
- No Springfield Hub
- Several Mini-Games are removed (Space Invaders and The CTB Battles in Big Super Happy Fun Fun comes to mind)
- Only one time trial mode
- Less Enemies on Screen
- Less Hits for enemies
- Less participants in Marge's Mob
- "Game Over" only features Bart and Lisa rather than the entire family.
- Homer's Mega Burp is replaced by the standard one which needs to charge instead
- Lisa's Ice Buddha attack is removed
- All temp powerups are removed and replaced with shields that make you invincible for 2 minutes or so.

It is to my inderstanding that the PSP version probably suffers from the same cuts. Whenever I get a 7th gen. system I have to get The Simpsons Game to play what I missed out on(not that I wouldn't anyways). This is where you come in give your opinions about the newest Simpsons video game. what you liked, what you didn't like, what would have made the game even better. Please provide what console you played the game on as well so we know the differences in the game from console to console. (i.e. spoiler warning)

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Lol, I love this!

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What do you guys think of the new season so far?
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The Simpsons Movie ( 2007 )

Мировая премьера: 27 июля 2007
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Пока СУП разыгрывает билеты на премьеру в Августе, на просторах рунета благодаря sancho_nht уже появилась ОЧЕНЬ качественная экранка фильма на английском языке.

Это Кросс-пост. Оригинал здесь.

Скачать фильм можно с сайта Ссылки, информация о фильме и прочее находится под катом.


Springfield Vermont has been named the official hometown of The Simpsons. That means that they are hosting the movie premiere. Apparently their theater only holds 100 people. That's going to go over well...
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Springfield Hometown Premiere Contest Begins

Voting has begun today on USA Today's website as to which of several Springfields will host the premiere of The Simpsons Movie later this month. Fourteen cities and towns named Springfield around the USA are vying for the honor. Videos promoting their candidacies can be viewed in streaming format on the USA Today site and you as a visitor are able to vote for your favorite. Choose the best or choose your home town, it's up to you! Voting closes July 9.Vote-->