Mr. X (blinkyblues) wrote in _thesimpsons,
Mr. X

Akatsuki/Simpsons are here!!!!!

I have created a team of Akatsuki/Simpsons crossover characters. Now all they need is names! If you can please suggest a name for every single character not just one or two, that way we get a lot of good ideas buzzing around. Thanks in advance. Oh, and who ever comes up with the best name(s) will be created on my DA when I post them there.

1 Sideshow Bob + Pein=
2 Marge + Konan=
3 Apu + Itachi=
4 Captain McCallister + Kisame=
5 Bart + Sasori=
6 Lisa + Deidara=
7 Ralph + Tobi=
8 This is just a bonus picture. Ralph + Tobi=
9 Lenny/Carl + Zetsu=
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