Mr. X (blinkyblues) wrote in _thesimpsons,
Mr. X

Simpsons News updates

Here's some articles to keep you up to date with the latest in Simpsons news.

Springfield, Minnesota, To Simpsons: Drop DeadSpringfield, Minnesota has taken itself out of the running to be recognized as the Springfield where the Simpsons reside.

Green Day To Release Simpsons TuneThe famous theme tune for The Simpsons is getting a punky re-working by Green Day in time for the cartoon family's big screen debut this summer.

Simpsons Soundtrack To Be Released By Three Different CompaniesIn a new twist, the score soundtrack for the upcoming Simpsons movie, featuring Green Day’s rendition of the show’s famous theme, will be released simultaneously by three companies.

Simpsons Boss: Movie Had To Wait To Be GoodThe Simpsons: The Movie writer Al Jean is glad the animated series has taken almost 20 years to make it's big screen, because it would have disappointed its fans if it was made any earlier.
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