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Welcome to _theshizzle. You've stumbled upon another (yes, another) one of livejournal's famous rating communities. If it's your thing, then keep reading.
Current theme
Post a picture of your favourite celebrity and say why they are your favourite. Not just because 'they're hot' :) ♥

I suggest you don't make them angry and/or disrespect them.

vintagepeach // Runs all member related things (i.e. members list, 150x150 pictures)

tickless // Updates themes and member of the month contests
stacy_baby(picture needed!!) Makes sure theres no bitching, and stamps.!

1. You must use an LJ cut, if you don't know how check the FAQ page.
2. You must be at least 14 years old.
3. If people say no, don't get offended. It's a rating community, and we're rating you. Get over it.
4. Have at least 3 pictures of your face, and one body shot.
5. Title your entry: 'Do I shizzle enough for you?'
6. You must bold the questions.
7.Good luck :)

1. Congrats on getting accepted :)
2.Stay active! We can't stress this enough.
3.Every two weeks a new theme will be given, and if possible, participate in it :)
4.Remember: this is a rating community and you are rating the person primarily on looks. So don't be immature about it and say no because of one thing in the persons application.
5.When voting no, you must give a reason why, and if not then your vote won't be counted.
6.You may promote in here ask the MODS first though (comment on their LJ, or e-mail them)

2.Age(Remember, you have to be at least 14):

5.What do you love? (5 things or so)
6.What do you hate?(5 things or so)
7.Favourite celeb and why:
8.Who do you look up to and why?
9.Describe your best friend:
10.Make us laugh/OR tell an embarassing story (could be both in that case):
11.How did you find this community?(if someone promoted you, please say who):
12.Favourite personality trait of yourself:
13 Least favourite:
14.Favourite books:
15.Favourite movies:
16.What makes you so great?
17.Complain about something here(anything; world issues, your family, your friends etc etc anything!):
18.Tell us something interesting about yourself:
19. Promote us somewhere (if you don't automatic rejection) and provide links so we can check:
20. What do you think of the MODS?

21. Now 3 Pictures and 1 150x150 of yourself for the members page(a mod can resize one for you if needed)

Member of the month
Current: gish_is_cool
Want to become one? Okay, here's how it goes: Make an accepted/rejected/promotion sign and post it in the community. The MODS will vote on them, and basically they will decide whose they like. Other members can't decide but are encouraged to give their input :)

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& Promote us <3.
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Hint: Put that in your userinfo.