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_thesexy's Journal

[ the sexy - do you have what it takes ? ]
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All Members , Moderated

This is a rating community which is based on looks and slightly personality. Votes will be given based on the application&pictures you provide upon joining the community. By applying you are opening yourself to criticism of the accepted members.

LiveJournal: outtaservice_
e-mail: eletrikah@msn.com
LiveJournal: singmykare_okay

1] Only comment on your own application until you are stamped.
2] Please be 14+. I'm sure our members don't feel comfortable calling a 13 year old sexy.
2] Do not promote your community in the community. If you want it promoting, tell the mods. they will add it to the userinfo and include it in one of their mod. posts.
4] Do not make text-only entries. Only the mods. can do this.
5] By joining _thesexy you are asking for our criticism & members will be honest with their opinions.
6] Your applications and picture must all be behind an <lj-cut>.
7] The subject of your application must be "Am I one of the sexy?"
8] When voting, put your vote in the subject as it makes the votes easier to count.
9] Post your application within 24 hours after you join.
10] Your application must include a sign picture this is a one time requirement for verification purposes only. Your hand and face must be visible in this picture.
It should say:

Here's an example:

The questions must be bolded or made a different colour so they stand out from the answers.

One interesting fact about you:
Write about one of your views:
Why should we accept you?:
Three promotion links:
Sign picture:
Other pictures (between 3 & 8):

If you've been accepted and need to verify your acceptance, comment HERE!

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