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Am I one of the sexy?

Name: Jenny
Age: 17
Location: Louisville, KY
Sexuality: female
One interesting fact about you: I can wiggle my ears(o.0)
Write about one of your views: I think people need to stop going to plastic surgeons(well, except those who had their faces destroyed in accidents). It's so pathetic how people are willing to spend so much money just for that little change that nobody could really notice, especially for teens. And it's really creepy how some 60 year old lady trying to look 20. Overall, i just think it's gross and weird trying to change what's been given to you naturally.
Why should we accept you?: I'll be uber active and i have good picture qualitites. heehee
Three promotion links:

Sign picture:

Other pictures (between 3 & 8):

TYPE02ASF<-- i got the code!(from _decentlooking) not sure what it's for though x.X

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