Denver Max (xrupturemyheart) wrote in _thesexy,
Denver Max

Am i one of the sexy?

Name: Allison
Age: 15
Location: Manteca, CA
Sexuality: Girl
One interesting fact about you: i have a black kitten...named...kitty!
Write about one of your views: i have alot of different views. im not really passionate about them really.  but i guess i would have to say this:  i am pro-choice.  i don't think its  up to the government to decide what i woman wants to do to her body.  i think women should have the choice to have an abortion or not.  i have been in a situation where i thought i got pregnant.  since then i have been more responsible and everything.  but what if i was pregnant?  im not ready for a child...that would totally screw up my life.  there are people that don't believe in abortion.  but just because its legal doesn't mean they have to get one. and they might not think that a baby would screw up their lives either...but in my family, and in my situation, i wouldn't be able to care for a child at 15. i've kinda lost my point in all this jib, but im sure you get what im trying to say. haha. ( have a SUCH a hard time explaining things)
Why should we accept you?: im always online, i will constantly vote.  and of course i will promote as well =]
Three promotion links: here, here, here
Sign picture:

Other pictures (between 3 & 8):


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    this community didnt get very far. closed.

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