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Name: Sydonna (pronounced Suh-Donna yeah its wierd =/)
Age: 19
Location: Ramona,  California
Sexuality: Straight
One interesting fact about you: I have had eighteen surgeries on my throat because of a semi-rare condition which causes me to get wart-like bumps on my vocal cords... which cluster there and start suffocating me =/ so yeah was that interesting enough? idk Ihope so
Write about one of your views: One of the things that I can't stand is how a lot of people give teen mothers a really bad rap even if they do not know the circumstances... this is kind of a personal issue with me because I am a teen mother... what people do not realise is that I had graduated from high school at 17 and was engaged having protected sex with my fiance. Unfortunately protection is not 100% effective and I got pregnant... I'm so tired of people assuming that because you are a teen mother you are 'stupid' and a 'slut' and that you aren't 'mature' when in reality I think that any teen who had the courage to have that baby instead of doing what so many others do and have an abortion were being way more mature. Also, it is so unfair to think less of them than other girls when in a lot of instances they havent slept with a lot of people (maybe as in my case only the father), they could have been raped, and how do you know if they used protection or not??? It just really pisses me off because I know a lot of really sweet girls with kids and they get so many dirty looks and such bad raps when in reality there are girls who have so much unprotected sex with more guys and just don't have kids but yet they are treated better in general and don't get the same kind of shit... even girls who are like thirteen who have had abortions do not have to deal with what teen mothers do, it jsut really pisses me off because it is just so wrong to assume things just because the girl has a child...
Why should we accept you?: I am online a lot so I will be pretty active, I think I have a friendly and funny personality and I love getting to know people and commenting and all that good stuff.
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