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We've moved!

Hey guys! It's been a long time since you've heard from the moderator (me), I know, and I apologize profusely for that. When I adopted this community from its original creator, it was never technically transferred over to my username, making me the official moderator. Because of this, I haven't been able to access any of the community's settings or change anything in a very long time, as I used to log directly into the [community] account, but that's not allowed now.

With the new album coming out, I figured I needed to do something about this situation. Thus, I created a new home for us: shakingthedoll. It's still not completely finished, as I have yet to write up the community/Heather bio for the userinfo and such, but please don't let that stop you from joining.
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I've been checking for this information during most of January and February. Call me obsessed, but I just wanted to know. And it seems they posted it to heathernova.com but not to heathernova.org. I'd been checking .org, assuming they were the same. They're not. I feel ripped off, since it was posted on the second and I've definitely checked a few times since then and now. Oh well.

Taken from http://www.heathernova.com/index2.php

Breaking News: Heather's baby born
Posted February 2nd, 2004
Heather's baby boy was born on Monday January 26th in King Edward's Hospital in Bermuda. Both the mother and the baby are fine. The baby's weight is 8 lbs and 12 oz (about 4 Kg). Congratulations, Heather!

Big baby, eh? I wonder why they never mention Felix? Did they break up? Is he not the father? So many questions I have. I know I'll never get answers. I know it's not really my business. I just get so curious. I listen to the songs, to the lyrics, and I feel like I get half the story. So naturally I'm interested in the rest of the story.

Has any one ever emailed Heather? I haven't, but I'm thinking I will send her a congratulations. I don't expect a response, I just feel like telling her.
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sweet matty


I wonder if everyone here also gets the Heather Nova Newsletter? I was pleased to get the update the other day. I didn't realize she was already six months pregnant. The newsletter says she plans to tour again in the summer, but I'm worried she won't. I keep thinking of these musicians who had a baby and then disappeared for a while like, Tanya Donnelly and Sarah McLachlan. The reason I'm worrying about this is because I'm desperate to see Heather live, as I never have, and because I'm actually going to be in Europe next June. I would be sad to finally make it to Europe and then not be able catch a Heather show when I'm there. I've got my priorities, you see. ;)

So do you all love Storm? I do, but I think every song is too short. I guess I'm greedy when it comes to Heather.

And, I'm going crazy without the Heather Nova mailinglist. Are any of you on that? I sincerely hope they'll bring it back. I never knew I'd miss it so. I'm addicted to Heather news, even Heather tidbits, Heather anything, I guess.
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All this time, I never thought to look for an LJ community for Heather. I feel dumb. :P

I really suck at introductory posts, but yeah, hi. I've been a Heather fan since I heard Heart & Shoulder on the Felicity soundtrack in 1999. It was by far the best song on there (though I do admit to a fondness for Amy Jo Johnson's Puddle of Grace), so soon after I went and bought Siren, which has one of my favorite songs on it (Winterblue). Then came Oyster, Glow Stars... Now I have 22 Heather CDs, not counting stuff like the I Am Sam soundtrack and the ATB CD with her vocals. "Spirit In You" still eludes me, though.

I hate to bore, so I'm sorry if I am... just trying to get across the fact I'm a huge fan, and I'm glad to have some other people who share my passion. As for Storm, I don't think I'd regret saying it's probably Heather's best album yet. I liked South a lot, but something seemed...missing. South seemed more about the music, and Storm has a much bigger emphasis on her voice itself, like some of her older songs. It's just some of the most beautiful work she's ever done, not to mention there's no bad or even half-good song - it's all great. There was no way I could wait for the US release and not import, since it could be a year off like last time.

Yeah, I'll stop now. :P Hi again people.

Oh right... might as well. I'm Mike, 22, I do graphic design, blah blah. I'm not very interesting though, so be warned. :P
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An LJ group for Heather! I'm so excited!

I too love Storm. I think it's an incredible album. I do think it's probably her best since Oyster. I love Aquamarine especially. I don't think there's a song on there I don't like - which is so great after the pleasant but uneven South.
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Heather Nova Photos - Live at the Union Chapel

We went to the Union Chapel gig on Friday. Heather put on another fantastic performance, and I managed to get some great photos from our excellent viewing position in the front left pew...


Here are three of my favourites...


Enjoy the photos!
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