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The Adventures of the Scooby Gang.
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This is the newly improved version of the COE thread "The Adventures of the Scooby Gang".

This is the version that contains the real story, all the bitch fights, pillow fights and general un-pgness that the other thread lacked. So this is kept all neat and tidy only Scooby Members have posting access. Everyone is welcome to comment. In fact we encourage it, possibly with monetary funding.

“What is this Scooby Gang and why do you call yourself the Scooby Gang?” I hear you ask.

Well, my friends, the answer is simple. The Scooby Gang consists of five lovely and vivacious Australian women, now all in our twenties. We all met for the first time in 2002, discovering that we had great chemistry we decided to continue meeting up at least once a month.

Why are we the Scooby Gang? It’s simple some of us watched Buffy and the name stuck. :p

“Who is in the Scooby Gang?”

Going in alphabetical order:

delphaen also known as Delphine on COE.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

jussacgirl creatively titled j-girl on COE.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

mylla who secretly goes by the name of mylla on COE.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

renyara yep, you guessed it, also known as renyara on COE.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

xyla82 can you guess? Xyla (you thought I was going to say xyla82) on COE.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here is a list of the meets, I may chose to make them active links sometime in the future:


1. The TTTT Meet
2. The Xyla Meet
3. The JgirlXyla Meet
4. The Crebain Meet
5. The Melody Meet
6. The DVD Meet
7. The BIIIIIG Meet
8. The Housewarming Meet
9. The Renyara Meet
10.The Extended DVD meet
11. The Rerelease meets
12. The Mylla meet
13. The Return to Middle Earth Special Meet
14. The TTT Meet
15. The Spontaneous meet


1. The Xylatown meet
2. Another TTT meet
3. The Molk Meet
3a) Molk Ren and Xyla's adventures in Wonderland
4. The Tuvo meet
6. The Tuvo farewell meet
7. The GOod Friday TTT meet
8. The Molk Farewell meet
9. JGirls birthday meet
10. The sleepover at Ren's Meet
11. The meet Xyla wasn't invited to.
12. The 2003 Mylla Meet
13. The ROTK meet


1. The IMAX meet.
2. The Valentine’s weekend meet.
3. The Sydney Uni meet.
4. Ren’s Birthday meet.
5. The Moggy Meet
6. Xy’s Scooby Farewell meet.
7. Xy’s Farwell meet
8. J’s Birthday meet.
9. The Scoobie meet Pippin meet.
10. The King Arthur meet.
11. Delph and Pippin’s Birthday meet.
12. Myl’s Farewell meet.
13. The city meet of Ren and Delph.
14. The October long weekend meet.
15. The ROTK EE meet.


1. The Australia Day meet.
2. The Powerhouse meet.
3. The Lets see a movie in the city meet.
4. A sleepover at Delph’s place.
5. The Fiddler meet.
6. The Batman Begins meet.
7. Delph’s Farewell meet.

Wanna know which Scooby you're most like? Here http://quizilla.com/users/Xyla/quizzes/Which%20member%20of%20the%20(COE)%20Scooby%20Gang%20are%20you%3F/ take this quiz and you'll find out.
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