Xyla (xyla82) wrote in _thescoobygang_,

I am Namariarwen, queen of ice and snow.

Application for Membership: The Scooby Gang.

Name: Julianne

Screen name: Xyla

Birthday: 27/5/82

Star sign: Gemini

Life History until this point: From the ages of 0-21 I lived in Springwood in the Blue mountains, west of Sydney. Went to School in the Blue Mountains, worked in Parramatta, then finished highscool and went to UTS to do a degree in journalism. Became huge Lord of the Rings fan, joined website called Imladris.net, met Scooby Girls. Much fun ensued. Finished Journalism degree, realized didn’t want to be a journalist. Started working at Sydney Uni. After a year of that, went on world trip, traveled through Canada and the States, then the UK and Switzerland. Returned to the UK and have been living and working in London for the last year

Reason for wanting membership: Um… because I am a member?

Swoonage object: Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, Michael Vartan,

Favourite chocolate flavour: Blackforest?

Favourite Alcoholic beverage: Vodka and Cranberry, or any sweet cocktail

Person/Object that incites foaming at the mouth hatred: Melissa Charge. She is my evil nemesis

Disney prince that you swoon for the most: Aladdin

Favourite stolen quote: Why write it when you can listen to it ;)

If you were a sue, what fandom would she be from and who will she ‘communicate’ with: Oooh it’s a toughy. Either HP and Sirius, or LOTR and Aragorn.

If someone gave you a sexy Boromir blow up doll for your birthday, what would you do with it? Give it to someone who would appreciate it, like J :p

Person you would most like to stalk: Hmmmm, I have so many options here in London! I think Orlando ;)

The most embarrassing song that you like a lot: Don’t Stop Moving, S Club 7

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? Pie.

Favourite Scooby moment: When we found the extended editions of TTT after a full day of searching. Thank YOU Electronics Boutique

Your feelings on pie and quiche: Pie is wonderful, beautiful, delicious, kind and loving. It is a teacher, a mother, a secret lover. It is comforting deliciousness.
Quiche is Melissa Charge

Complete the sentence:

Viggo has
beautiful eyes, a fantastic jawline, and an amazing range as an actor

Harry Potter is a fantastic series, but a slightly irritating character.

The inventor of codpieces was David Bowie

The wooden horse was an unnecessary distraction from the hotness of the men of troy.

King Arthur is Swoontastic.

And finally, what is your quest? To follow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far.

Attach sexytastic photo here:

Most recent, with dark hair

Old Blonde hair

Old red hair

More reddy brown + pornstar smoulder

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